In four days I’ll be turning 24 and I’m actually looking forward to it. Nobody looks forward to turning 23. Compared to the previous year when everyone sings Taylor Swift at you, the only song lyrics that come to mind at 23 are Blink 182’s ”Nobody likes you when you’re 23”which isn’t the most comforting thing to hear.

Did I enjoy being 23? Am I looking forward to turning 24 and becoming closer to being a quarter of a century old? Absolutely. My 23rd year was a dizzy ride of highs, such as being promoted at work, moving to Tooting and a number of holidays. However, I entered my 23rd year in a relationship and I exit it single.  Initially, I found being single quite scary. However, my break up was to some extent a rebirth. When one aspect of my life changed overnight, I was forced to examine other areas of my life that I wasn’t happy with. I moved to Tooting after realising I wasn’t happy living in Streatham, I made a bold move in my professional life which paid off and I decided that I was going to give my passport an extensive workout. Over the past year, been forced to examine myself personally, which was a painful but worthwhile process. I’ve matured and become infinitely calmer as a result. Oscar Wilde once said to love yourself is a lifelong romance, but I think a more apt phrase is to understand yourself is a lifelong process. However, I definitely feel I have a clearer understanding of who I am and what I want.

I approach 24 with excitement. I feel like I’m finally starting to become the person I’m meant to be and I  am more at peace than ever before. I don’t like saying I love myself, but I fully accept who I am.  As you grow older, it’s easy to focus on the ”negatives” such as your metabolism slowing down, hangovers lasting for over a day, wrinkles etc but I look forward to learning more about who I am, the new experiences I have and the people I have yet to meet. As Tony Bennett once said, Life teaches you how to live it, if you live long enough.








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