If Bridget Jones was a millenial in London

Bridget Jones’ Diary is very much like Sex and the City, a holy grail for single women everywhere. However, it’s undeniable that as we move further and further away from the 90s and early 2000s that both are classic in their sentiments but are becoming outdated. I mean, it is clear that if Sex and the City had been created in the last five years that Carrie would be a New York Style blogger and that Samantha would be working for a Social Media agency.

The new Bridget Jones movie has just been released, and although I haven’t seen it yet it made me start thinking about the previous two films and how they would have been shot in 2016 and Bridget was a millenial.


  1. Bridget would be a semi famous London blogger living in a flat share

    Millenial Bridget would stare out of her flateshare bedroom window wondering how she will ever get on the property ladder

Blogging is the new journalism. WordPress has become the new online fleet street as thousands of millienials strive to have their voice heard and bag a few advertisers in the process in order to fund their lemonade lifestyle. If Bridget Jones was a millenial her diary would have the domain name ”The Diary and Dating Life of Bridget Jones” and would document her dating life around London with a few reviews of some restaurants thrown in. Of course, whilst this enables her to earn a living its not enough for her to be able to afford a flat in Borough market like in the film so she’d be cast out to zone three and be living in a flat share that she found on Spareroom.


2) She’d be on Tinder and Happenin and Bumble….


Millenial Bridget would have a phone glued to her screen as she swiped right or left

The last dating app I used was Tinder but apparently there’s a load of new dating apps at millenial’s finger tips which enable millenials to pick up a date as easily as picking up a bottle of wine from the Off License. Of course, Bridget would be on all of these with her preferred app being Tinder. We’d also see communications problems in the dating wold evolve as before being stood up or unreturned calls were a single person’s greatest nightmare. Now technology has made dating an absolute minefield, from being left on read to knowing as soon as you disclose your full name your date is going to be looking you up on all social media platforms.


3) Daniel Cleaver would be a top consultant working in the city


That type of behaviour would see Daniel Cleaver being hit with numerous sexual harassment cases

Let’s be honest, if Daniel Cleaver had sent a flirty email to an employee commenting on her skirt in 2016 then HR would have been informed and he’d have been fired. The millenial Daniel Cleaver is only a few years out of uni and living in Clapham. He would wear shit shirts on nights out and would be seen chewing his face off at SW4. Daniel and Bridget would meet on Tinder and he’d refrain from sending her a dick pic until after their third date, which wound make Bridget think he was different to all the other guys.It would all go tits up when Daniel refuses to change his Facebook relationship from single and Bridget would start getting pissed of at him for constantly liking selfies of girls on Instagram and being tagged in photos with random girls on Facebook, so she would end it and spend the next three to four months stalking his social media accounts every day.

4) She’d be all over the new fitness crazes


Millenial Bridget would be in a spin class with EDM pumping and an instructor shouting at her

In the original Bridget Jones film, Bridget goes on a mad fitness craze  after Daniel cheats on her in order to get a banging bod. This is something most women still do after a break up but millenial Bridget wouldn’t be working out solo in the gym, she’d be attending spin classes, doing Bikram yoga and drinking a lot of green smoothies. After two months she’d unveil her new body with a  photo on Instagram, which would get over 50 likes and see a lot of guys trying to slide into her DMs (and knickers).






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