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I remember saying a few months ago ”I can’t wait for this year to be over” and even though I’m much happier than I was a few months ago, I will still be happy to see the back of 2015.

2015 was the year I made the transition from young adult to adult was finally completed. I finally left Loughborough, which was my home for four years throughout my degree and my internship. After a flurry of interviews, I accepted a job offer with a PR agency in London and somehow managed to find somewhere to live in London that was reasonably priced and in zone three.

However, the combination of moving to a new city, a new job and moving in with new people was incredibly stressful. I moved to London at the end of May and it wasn’t until October that I finally felt settled. I threw myself into my job but it took a couple of months before things started falling into place. University can provide you with certain skills, but settling into a routine within the office, learning the protocol and truly understanding your job role takes time.

The biggest adjustment to moving to London was not learning to accept London prices, but adjusting to the vastness of the city. Unlike Sheffield or Loughborough where bumping into someone you know day-to-day is not that uncommon, in London you are often surrounded by strangers. I didn’t truly realise this until I came back to Sheffield for Christmas and the city has a completely different vibe to London. Even though I was sat on a bus with people I didn’t know, there’s still an air of community which I haven’t felt in London. In London it feels like people move in their own bubbles and everything feels quite secular.

I freely admit that the first few months I spent living in London I wasn’t entirely happy. Initially, I was quite miserable and then suddenly I started feeling a lot happier. I’d always loved my job but I could feel myself gaining a deeper understanding of my role, company and clients. The cherry on top was when I had my six month review and my manager and director didn’t have anything negative to say about my work.  I’ve learned to love the flaws about London and the fact I live in one of the most vibrant cities in the world.

However, 2015 wasn’t all bad: I got a new job, made new friends, retained old friendships,had two fantastic holidays and after almost a year of constant whatsapping got together with my wonderful boyfriend who must have the patience of a saint after sticking by me through some of the most difficult months I have ever experienced. 2015 made me realise how resilient I truly am but also the importance of great family and great friends. I know 2016 will have its up and downs, but I feel optimistic about the next year because there’s so much I want to achieve with regards to my career but also my personal development. I’m ready to go get what I deserve in 2016.


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