The Copper Coil:Yes Please.

In the UK it is estimated that over a third of women of reproductive age use the contraceptive pill as their primary method of birth control. Yet whilst the pill may work for some people, I personally found it made me gain weight, lose my libido and have terrible mood swings which is why I why I chose to come off it. I don’t think preventing pregnancy should come with the unappetising side dishes of weight gain and feeling like Jekyll and Hyde.

After a lot of research and losing ten pounds and my uncontrollable moodswings,  I decided I no longer wanted to be on hormonal birth control at all. I had always been dubious about pumping synthetic hormones into my body and my time on the pill clarified it just wasn’t for me. This ruled out the majority of contraceptive methods which include the contraceptive injection, the contraceptive implant and the intrauterine system. However, an option available to me was the intrauterine device, more commonly known as the copper coil, which releases copper into the womb to prevent the survival of sperm.

The copper coil is effective for up to five or ten years, depending on which one you get, and is effective from the moment it is inserted. The major off putting thing about the coil is that it requires a nurse to insert into your womb. A quick google search will give you the lowdown on how the copper coil is fitted and it is the main reason why I didn’t opt for it in the first place. The fitting is uncomfortable but it lasted less than ten minutes, and when I burst into tears halfway through it was out of fright rather than pain. However, the memory of these was easily alleviated when I rewarded myself with the KFC I had promised myself I could have once I had had it all done.  Apart from the first day I have all but forgotten it is even there and have never felt happier and long may it continue.


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