Reasons why Valentine’s Day is really not a big deal

 I know I am definitely getting older because the posts on my social media regarding Valentine’s Day have been virtually non-existent. When you were younger it was kind of a big deal if you had a date for Valentine’s Day. However, in the last few years I have noticed a recent decline in the interest in Valentine’s Day and I have two explanations. The first one is that as you get older you become aware of the fact it is little more than an excuse to ram consumerism down the throats of the masses. The second one is that with apps such as Tinder, you can have a Valentine’s Day date/hook up within an hour. Sure, meeting someone off Tinder may not be the most romantic Valentine’s Day date ever, but at least you have someone to hold you at the end of the night. However, if you are one of those people who still places some value on the day of love, here are some reasons why it really is not a big deal:

Fifty Shades of Grey has proved just how consumerist it has all become.

Why pay, when you can get it for free?

Why pay, when you can get it for free?

It truly is a sign of a capitalist society when the day of a Saint is used to shame single people and allow Clintons to flog overpriced and over glittered cards. I really don’t mind Valentine ’s Day that much, if couples want to use as an excuse to be extra lovey dovey then go crazy. However, what I cannot stand is the fact that Universal pictures have attempted to capitalise on Valentine’s Day by releasing Fifty Shades of Crap (or Grey as it is more commonly known) on the same day. I read about a quarter of Fifty Shades of Grey and then gave up because it was genuinely the worst book I had ever had the misfortune of reading. I try and avoid insulting things for no reason so you’ll have to excuse me, but that book is a big pile of steaming dog turd. Some people have tried arguing that ‘’But it’s sold millions of copies worldwide!’’, but I don’t give a damn. Iggy Azelia was nominated for best rap album at the Grammy’s but you can’t tell me that her music is good. Something selling well does not equate to it being good.  Valentine’s Day is about love, and Fifty Shades of Grey is not. There is nothing romantic about a man basically stalking a woman before persuading her to get involved in BDSM and then pulling out her bloody tampon before having sex with her. If I was Ana (the girl who gets dragged into all of this) I would have had a restraining order placed on him. Fifty Shades of Crap the movie has been getting terrible reviews in the media, and I think it is deserved.

  • You’re going to save money
I think that face is proof chocolate is better than sex.

I think that face is proof chocolate is better than sex.

Valentine’s Day may seem like a celebration of love, but apparently love is quite costly. Unless you are one of those couples who has the ‘’I refuse to take part in this capitalist crap’’ attitude, you will be shelling out on a card, chocolates, meal etc. Even if you are single and go choose to drown your sorrows in the local dive, ordering numerous tequila shots will still be cheaper than if you had spent it with a significant other. If you are single, I would personally recommend staying in and having an early night before getting up early the next day to ensure that you get the first pick of all the reduced Valentine’s Day chocolate.  That way you can spend the day after Valentine’s day gorging on chocolate and convincing yourself that chocolate might actually be better than sex.

22% of couples break up around Valentine’s Day

The face you pull when you have been dumped right before Valentine's Day.

The face you pull when you have been dumped right before Valentine’s Day.

A recent study showed that in the run up to Valentine’s Day around 22% of couples broke up. If you are single then you can sleep easy at night knowing that you are not going to be unceremoniously dumped before the day of love rolls around. You may think being single on Valentine’s Day is bad, but imagine how the singletons who were happily planning what they were going to do with their ex feel. I don’t think there is enough reduced Valentine’s Day chocolate in the world that can ease that feeling of rejection and hurt. I


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