Things that were annoying this Christmas.

I actually had a really nice Christmas and enjoyed almost every moment of the festive season. My presents to friends and family were well received, I loved all my gifts and I ate so much that by the end of Christmas day I decided to have a lie down on the living room floor to help aid digestion.I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and stuffed your faces with food whilst watching Christmas films that you have seen a million times. However, on a separate note I found a few minor things annoying this Christmas. This is to be expected seeing as Christmas involves being around many different people and the fact people in general can be quite annoying. So here are some of the things that irritated me this Christmas.

1) Frozen

Me when I hear people discussing how amazing Frozen is.

Me when I hear people discussing how amazing Frozen is.

Let’s just get this one out of the way. I am aware that Frozen was one of the most popular films of 2014. I endured months of people singing ”Let it go” and ”Do you wanna build a snowman?” and the general adoration for this film. I love Disney films, but I avoided watching this one for as long as possible because I knew that I wouldn’t enjoy it because it has just been hyped up far too much. However, my sister had a copy of Frozen so we decided to watch it, and me and my family lasted 25 minutes before turning it off and watching something else. I’m sorry, I just don’t see why everyone is obsessed with this film. It’s not particularly funny and the songs aren’t that great. The adoration this film has received is not deserved, in my opinion.  I think my Mum best summed it up after we turned it off when she said ”I don’t know what all the fuss is about”. Amen.

2) Selfie sticks

Seems inoffensive enough, but let's see what the general consensus is in December 2015.

Seems inoffensive enough, but let’s see what the general consensus is in December 2015.

2013 saw the Oxford English Dictionary class selfie as the word of the year, and the obsession with taking a photo of ourselves and then photoshopping it to high heaven did not wain in 2014. Selfies don’t bother me that much because at the end of the day if you are a habitual social media user then you are narcissistic to an extent because you believe people are interested in what you have to say/do/take pictures of etc.However, I saw a lot of people showcasing their selfie sticks on Facebook and Twitter, and I was just sat there thinking ”Oh my god, 2015 is going to one hell of an annoying year”. I’ll admit selfie sticks are cool if you are doing something amazing like climbing a mountain or visiting one of the wonders of the world, but I know for a fact that the majority of the people on my Facebook will just be using so they can have a flattering high angle for their next Facebook profile picture before the photoshop it. However, I will say the one good thing about selfie sticks is that we might get rid of the profile pictures where we have someone using their phone to take a photo of them in front of a mirror staring into their phone (You know what I’m talking about).

3) Shopping Centres

We've all thought it at one point.

We’ve all thought it at one point.

One of the reasons I hate going shopping is because other people around me get on my nerves. People are always walking too slow; are letting their kids run wild or just wander aimlessly about. I helped my Mum go shopping for the Christmas food and we were in our local shopping centre for  an hour and I seriously wanted to throw the turkey at someone and then scream the place down. It was full of people and I was hot and irritated by people walking into me, almost falling over rogue children and breaking my neck and those ridiculous self service machines. Whoever made those self service machines ought to be ashamed of themselves, every other item received that infuriating ”Please place the item in the bagging area” or ”Please wait for assistance”. I would honestly rather stand in a queue for an hour and wait to be served by a real person than to ever have to hear that awful robotic human voice telling me to place the item in the bagging area when it is already there.


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