Outbreak Festival: The highs and lows.

It’s not very often I go on a night out and come back feeling conflicted regarding my feelings over, but Outbreak festival held on Coventry managed to achieve that. So this post will be a mixture of a rant and praise.

Starting with the positives of the festival, it had a good line up and there really was something for everyone. There was house music (of course) but also drum and bass and a garage room. My friends and I started in the garage room and then moved downstairs for some house music, and I can’t remember who was playing but I was only there for fifteen minutes tops and I was bored. I had gone from
A room which was fun and had great energy to a room where all the songs sounded the same.

I like house music, but recently it feels like a lot of house DJs/producers are bringing out the same stuff and it is starting to get boring. My night resulted in me spending 65% of my time in the garage room, 30% in the house room(s) and 5% drum and bass. The variety and the quality of the music is pretty much the highlight of the two day indoor festival to be honest.

Whilst Outbreak festival had a good line up, the organisation of the festival was a joke. Some people ended up queuing for 2 hours because there was only one entrance which left them with three options: Wait it out, Go home or upgrade to VIP for £30 so they could use the VIP fast track. I don’t understand what went through the organisers minds when they decided that letting thousands of people through one entrance was acceptable.

Also, charging people £30 for a VIP upgrade was a complete joke and the organisers should be both ashamed and embarrassed. First of all VIP was originally only around £15 more than a standard ticket, and what the VIP ticket was supposed to entail was a fast track queue and access to the VIP bar and garage room. This VIP area did not exist, everyone was allowed upstairs and onto the top floor with no checking of wristbands.

Also, once you had finally got through the queues and into the arena you were greeted with security who had metal detectors, sniffer dogs, body searches. I know the festival has a duty to at least attempt to crack down on drugs and I accept that, but there’s security and then there’s feeling like you’ve been arrested and are getting taken into custody.

Speaking of the security, it is their job to look out and make sure everyone is behaving themselves and having a good night. When I was making my way into the arena I had a couple of security guards who thought it was acceptable to say inappropriate comments to me and later in the night one of them actually tried to grope me when I was on the dancefloor, I know I wasn’t the only one who thought security was a joke because I found a group of girls complaining about them in the toilets.

Basically, you can have a festival with the best artists on earth headlining but if the organisation is below par then it is going to ruin the experience for people. I know I just bitched and moaned about Outbreak but I did actually have a good night overall, but that’s because of the people I was with. I probably won’t go back to Outbreak next year unless they seriously get their shit together.


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