Things people need to stop doing on nights out.

I’m fast approaching my 22nd birthday and that combined with the fact I’m a member of the 9-5 crew means my reply to when people ask me if I want a night out is ‘’I can’t be arsed’’. The idea of going back out in the cold after eight hours at work to be in a room full of drunk eighteen year olds is so unappealing, especially when I have the option of being wrapped up in my sleeping bag on the sofa watching shit television. However, on the increasingly rare occasion I have made an appearance on nights out, I have begun noticing a few things which are quite frankly annoying:

1) Shuffling

I only discovered what shuffling was about three weeks ago because I’m painfully uncool. I had heard the term being thrown around but I was too lazy to youtube it so I took an educated guess at what it was. What I assumed shuffling was, was a dance where you shuffle from side to side so I didn’t understand why everyone was getting so pissed about it on my social media. Eventually, I was forced to youtube it because the amount of hate it was getting was baffling me and it was then I realised shuffling is that thing LMFAO talked about in their song ‘’Party Rock Anthem’’. So if if you’ve arrived to the party three years late like me and have no idea what shuffling is you can just click on the link and take a look. Once I had established what shuffling was I began noticing on nights out more and more and I then began to  understand why it was getting so much hate.
Shuffling on a night out is fine if it is one person doing it in an area where there is not a lot of people, and even though I don’t shuffle myself I’ll admit that it actually looks cool when done well. However, the last couple of nights I went out there was a whole group of people doing it and in my opinion that’s just obnoxious and rude. Some people get annoyed at people for following whatever’s cool, but most of the time I’m just like ‘’Whatever, as long as you’re not having a negative impact on anyone then go on about your business’’. However, there is not enough space on the average dancefloor to have a mob of people shuffling, like they’ve got an infestation of pubic lice and need a trip to the STI clinic, because the likelihood is you will bump into/step on people which means you will begin negatively affecting the environment of the people around you. I have had the displeasure of experiencing shufflers stepping on me, bumping into me and knocking my drink all down me, and quite frankly I think if you are shuffling which results in you stepping on people or bumping into them then you deserve to get smacked across the face.

2)Snapchat stories of your night out.

I understand the pre night out selfie on snapchat etc, but recently it has gotten ridiculous. I have sometimes looked on snapchat and I swear the Lord of the Rings trilogy is shorter than some of the stories on there, and the worst part is that it mostly consists of someone’s night out. I once had a 200 second long life story of someone’s night out which consisted of dark footage of a dancefloor and music I couldn’t hear properly and them singing along to songs. If I wanted to see a dark crowded dancefloor and listen to music I would have got dressed, drank some wine and gone out myself. On an average night out, I only take my phone out to check my phone to either look at the time or message my friends asking where they are. If I’m having a good night out I probably won’t check my phone properly until I wake up in bed the next morning.

3) People not having an awareness of personal space

Nightclubs usually have a lot of drunk people in them which means it is going to be crowded and probably a bit sweaty, I accept and can deal with that. I know it is inevitable you are going to get pushed about a little bit, but in recent weeks I have literally been barged out of the way by some people. One time I was trying to get out to the smoking area and not only did I have to try and make my way around a group of shufflers, I also had to deal with a group of girls who literally barged past me and almost knocked me off my feet. Then another time I was walking down an almost empty corridor to the toilets and this girl who was walking past barged right into me and kept on walking without even a glance back. Now, I’m not a particularly angry or violent person but I was on the verge of running after her and drop kicking her. I know Night clubs are not the places to find great manners or morals, but I am sick and tired of having to deal with people who the moment they get a bit of alcohol inside them lose all sense and start acting like untamed wilder beasts. Is it really that difficult to make sure you are not barging into people or at least turn around to apologise if you do happen to push into someone?
This brings me to another point, in the last few weeks I have witnessed people throwing up all over the floor or found people passed out on sofas, and when I see that its just my natural instinct check to see if they are ok. As soon as I crouch down next to a person passed out their friends suddenly appear out of nowhere and start saying ‘’Oh she’s fine’’, which if is the case I clearly missed the changing of the definition of the word ‘’Fine’’ because if your friend is passed out on a sofa in a club at 3:00am then he or she is clearly not fine and you need to take them home.


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