Day to day annoyances we all hate.

Little things have been annoying me recently. I know there are bigger things going off in the world to get annoyed about like social injustices and how Cheryl Cole is being allowed to judge people’s singing ability, but the small things like the iphone’s battery life and rogue cyclists also need some attention from me to have a moan about:

1) ”Unexpected item in bagging area”

When supermarkets bought in those self check out tills, it seemed like a God send for the shoppers who had only come in to buy one item and the anti social shoppers as they now no longer had to talk to people at any point during their shop. However, the self checkouts soon bought problems of their own, the phrase ”Unexpected item in bagging area” has probably become the most hated phrase in Britan. I have a lot of respect for supermarket workers who have to listen to that day in and day out, because I think after one week it would have pushed me over the edge and I probably would have been face down on a police car bonnet after attacking the self checkouts with the nearest object. I can understand if they occasionally mess up, but I was once in Tescos and had to endure ”Unexpected item in bagging area!” six times in a row which was just unacceptable and annoying and made me want to throw everything on the floor in a temper and storm out.

2) The iphone battery

Apple recently released their iphone six, and after owning a 4S for the last two and a half years I can safely say I will be cutting all ties with Apple unless they release a phone which has a battery life longer than a May fly’s. I don’t care if it is slimmer or has a slightly better camera, if I can’t leave the house without my charger because the phone struggles to go two hours without a charge then I ain’t interested. I genuinley know how dogs feel when they are tethered to a building, because I feel like I cannot be further than a mile from any building with a plug socket in case my phone dies. Apple bringing the same phones every single year that are a little bit longer and/or slimmer is the equivalent of clothing stores bringing out the same sizes of different clothes, except unlike clothing it isn’t neccessary. Bigger screens, and marginally better cameras are not innovation and claiming the internet speed is faster than ever means nothing to me because when you’re using public WIFI the internet is still going to be slow. Apple, stop with the pointless design updates and give us a battery life of a Nokia 100.

3) The inbetween illness

Nobody likes being ill, unless you are a hypochondriac but at least when you are ill you know that nobody expects anything from you. You are free to hibernate in your room until you have recovered. Unfortunately, there is that inbetween stage where you are not ill, but not fully well either. It’s the inbetween illness stage where your head feels stuffy, you have a cold and you feel a bit woozy but you are still capable of attending lectures, going to work etc.I am currently in that inbetween stage where I’m not quite ready to call my solicitor and write my will, but even small tasks like getting dressed make me want to cry. The inbetween stage is clearly the work of satan. I don’t see the need for a middleground in health, either let me be healthy or allow me to spend a week bedridden.

4) Cyclists in the pedestrian lane

I walk to work in the rush hour, where I not only have to avoid tripping over stray children on their way to school, but also cyclists. Cyclist lanes exist to save cyclists from getting hit on the road, but they seemingly think cyclist lanes exist to take me out. This week I almost got hit and run by three cyclists who for some reason were in the pedestrian lane. Cyclists are vulnerable on the roads, and you can actually see the fear in their eyes when a vehicle gets to close, but seemingly when some of them are cylcing on the pavements some of them let their ego just inflate and start cycling like they are in the tour de france. The next cyclist to almost run me over without even ringing their bell to warn me will have me chasing after them so I can push them off it.


2 thoughts on “Day to day annoyances we all hate.

  1. Excellent post! Lots to empathise with here, particularly ‘unexpected item in bagging area’ and ‘the inbetween illness’. You have my sympathy and also my laughter 😉 .

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