Signs I’m Getting Old.

I just got back from Leeds festival where I spent five days stomping around in my wellies and spooning my rucksack in my tent at night because it was so bloody cold in my four man tent. However, despite the rain, communal toilets shared with thousands of people and the fact some of the acts I wanted to see cancelled I had a pretty sick weekend. It was today, however, as I spent the day in bed recovering that I realised that I am getting old, and it was something which dawned on me at various points over the weekend:

1)I opted for comfort over style

Leeds festival: the perfect place for shorts and crop tops (Not).

Leeds festival: the perfect place for shorts and crop tops (Not).

When a festival has headline acts which include Paramore (understandable why they are headlining even if I have always thought them overrated) and Macklemore (Not sure how an act which only has two albums warrants them being a headlining act at a festival) then the audience at that festival will be on the younger side. This became apparent to me when I arrived at the festival and got talking to two seventeen year old Scottish girls who told me they were scared that their booze was going to get taken off them by security, which is a fear that I haven’t experience for almost four years.

If I wanted anymore proof that at 21 I was considered over the hill at Leeds, then I was presented with it on the Thursday when all around me girls were wearing short shorts and crop tops even though it was rainy and cold which had me thinking ‘’Awh, how cute. They’re going to catch a cold’’ everytime I spotted a teenage fashionista. I myself opted for the less fashionable but infinitely warmer option of leggings and a hoody. Although, I use the term ‘’fashionable’’ very loosely when referring to the short shorts, because I saw enough butt cleavage at Leeds to last me this life and the life beyond. Short shorts can be cute, but not if they look as though your bum is devouring them.

2)I didn’t get wrecked

Me when I think about more than one night's worth of drinking.

Me when I think about more than one night’s worth of drinking.

Y’now what, everyone talks about festivals being a hotbed of drugs and debauchery, but Leeds really isn’t a drugs festival. I know this because there were no police swarming Leeds with sniffer dogs like there were at Boomtown, and also because people had chosen to paint ‘’Please sell us weed/MD/Pills’’ on their tents. Apart from the occasional whiff of weed, the chosen drug at Leeds for all of those celebrating their A level/ AS/GCSE results was alcohol. Amongst the girls who were stumbling around with a bottle of half vodka/half coke in their hands, me and my friends opted for a more chilled approach during the weekend. Thursday and Friday were our ‘’heavy’’ nights, and then Saturday we mostly chilled outside the dance tent with a few ciders. Three or four years ago I would have been able to go out drinking heavily on a night and then begin again at noon the next day, but a sign you are getting old is when the thought of going on a mad one makes you simply feel tired.

3) My music taste has changed drastically.

Haven't released an album in two years, and still headlining.

Haven’t released an album in two years, and still headlining.

Four years ago I would have spent my life living at the barrier at the Main stage, Lock up stage and NME stage. On Friday I stuck around for half of Young Guns set who who used to be a huge fan of, before flocking to the dance stage and pretty much remaining their for the duration of the weekend bar making the odd trip to the Radio 1 Extra tent and NME stage. I’m sure seventeen year old me would have been quite excited to see Blink 182 live, but twenty one year old me simply thought ‘’Hmmm, Blink clash with Disclosure. I’ve never been a huge Blink fan and they haven’t released any notable songs for years’’ so off to see Disclosure I went. However, it wasn’t that simple. As me and my friends headed off to see Disclosure, we had to swim against the tide of thousands and thousands of people heading to the Main stage wearing Blink t-shirts and faces of pure Blink 182 fandom.


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