Things I Learnt at Boomtown.

On Thursday, I headed off to Winchester to Boomtown festival which, now I’m back in the real world, feels like I dream the entire thing. Alongside seeing The Wailers, Dub Phizix, The Skints, Lady Saw and Electric Swing Circus to name a few, I also saw a life times supply of glitter, face paint and Bindis. As well as indulging in a weekend of unapologetic hedonism, I did learn a few things admist the torrential downpour, gale force winds and sea of mud.


1) The Met office sometimes get it right.


Still probably more hygenic than festival toilets.

Still probably more hygenic than festival toilets.

One of the things most people dread about a festival, alongside eating a dodgy burger from one of the vendors, is rain. We all saw the mud landslide that occurred at Leeds festival last year, and I think many of us would prefer it if our festival experience was a dry one at the very least, if not sunny. My friend told me that the Met office had predicted storms and gales for the weekend of Boomtown, and I laughed and said ”So we’re in sunshine and blue skies then?” because how often is the predicted weather forecast wrong? Unfortuately, I came to regret laughing at the Met offices prediction as I slided back to my campsite looking like a drowned rat after the skies opened up during The Skints’ set.

2) £20 tents from Argos are surprisingly resiliant.


What I thought would happen to my £20 tent from Argos if it rained.

What I thought would happen to my £20 tent from Argos if it rained.

My friend and I were going to buy a tent together for Boomtown, but since I am going to another two festivals this summer I decided it made more sense for me to purchase my own. This resulted in me spending a ridiculous amount of time online looking at tents and reading their reviews. The tent that I actually wanted had gone, so I settled on a four man tent which was on sale at Argos. The reviews were mixed to say the least with some people praising it to high heaven and others saying ”If you want a waterproof tent, don’t buy this one”. However, I

 3) The toilets really aren’t that bad.

Festival toilets are like a box of chocolates: you never know what you're gonna get.

Festival toilets are like a box of chocolates: you never know what you’re gonna get.

 We’ve all heard the horror stories about festival toilets, anybody heard the one about the girl at Download festival who was using a Portaloo and someone decided to push it down a hill? I first decided to brave the toilets on Friday morning, and it was’t the nicest introduction to them. They were full to the top and I saw some things which cannot be unseen. However, for the rest of the festival the organisers kept on top of things and they were absolutely fine if you held your breath upon entering and disengaged your brain. The only other time they were horrendous were on monday morning when everyone was packing up to leave; I asked one guy who was just exiting a toilet how bad they were and he said ”I picked the best from a bad bunch, but I’m not proud of what I’ve just done”.

4)  Bum bags are huge right now.

Bum bags: not just for hipsters.

Bum bags: not just for hipsters.

Now, I know that ”hipsters” have been wearing  Bum bags for a while but I did not expect to see as many as I did at Boomtown. People may sneer at bum bags, but they are the most practical and convinient things you can wear at festival alongisde wellies. They keep your hands free, it’s more difficult for someone to steal from you because it’s right in front of you wrapped around your waist. I even slept with my bum bag on, because I decided that if someone wanted to steal from me during the night then I was going to make it difficult for them. If a thief wanted anything valuable from me they would have to enter my tent, untangle me from my sleeping bag and uncurl me from the ball I sleep in to unzip my bum bag and get to my valuables. Tent thieves: 0 Zoe: 1.



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