People you will encounter on Fling.

So there’s a new app making waves amongst the smart phone generation called ”Fling”. When i first heard of it I thought it was a new Tinder because of the name, but actually it’s basically a new snapchat except you send pictures to random strangers all over the world. Naturally, curiosity (and boredom) got the better of me and I downloaded it to see if it’s any good. The Fling twitter page led me to believe that it’s a great app where you can share strangers special moments like them visiting the wonders of the worlds or them graduating etc. However, after twenty four hours I discovered the real Fling and the types of people that use it.

1) The Selfie taker.

Me after I had received numerous selfies of strangers.

Me after I had received numerous selfies of strangers.

Forgive me, but I thought that with Instacrap, Facecrap and Snapcrap that people wouldn’t feel the urge to send seflfies on Fling. It’s not like it has a filter to give you a glowing complexion like Instacrap, people can’t like it like they do on Facecrap and a random person across the group is not going to reply telling you how fit you look in your selfie like a friend would on snapcrap, unless you have your bum and/or boobs out in it if you’re a girl or ans out if you’re a guy (people really are that shallow). So I’m failing to understand the urge people get to send a selfie on Fling. If Fling has shown me one thing it’s that those with a Selfie problem will post them on any available social media outlet, much to my displeasure.

2) The genital flasher.


Me when I opened the hairy ball sack picture.

Me when I opened the hairy ball sack picture.

One day after downloading Fling I was bored. I had seen more selfies to last me several lifetimes. I was genuinley disappointed that the most exciting picture I had seen so far excluding the selfies was a picture of a guy stood on a skateboard. So when my phone notified me that I had been sent another fling I opened it fully expecting another face of a random person. What actualy was on my phone screen was a picture of a hairy ball sack. My initial reaction was screwing my face up like I’d just stepped in dog poo whilst thinking ”What is seen cannot be unseen” and then admittedly, I did think ”Well, I guess this is more entertaining than a selfie”. However, a word of advice to those who want to take their clothes of on Fling: all the pictures you send on fling do not disappear from people’s inbox like they do on snapchat so if you play your cards right your hairy ballsack could become world famous.

3) The Promoter


As soon as I understood the concept of Fling I new that businesses, promoters, musicians etc etc would be all over it, and I was right. I have had Flings telling me to call random US numbers, Youtubers telling me to enter their competitions etc etc. I have even received a picture of a Mcdonalds which I’m not sure was someone sending the picture because they thought it would be of genuine interest or a Mcdonalds employee doing some shameless product placement.


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