Things to do upon completion of your degree.

My degree is over. After three years of having no more than eight hours a week my student lifestyle is coming to a close. Soon I will be an English graduate which is utterly terrifying. However, I still have a few weeks left in Loughborough to lounge around, apply for jobs and party without feeling guilty. To those of you on the verge of finishing, here’s a guide on what to during those few days after:

1) Sleep

Somehow, I was guilt tripped into going to my friend’s 21st birthday party in London which was a two day trip and saw me return to university less than two days until my final deadline with one essay to complete and another to start. This resulted in me procrastinating all of Monday, as I sat in complete and utter denial about how much I had to do before finally going to library at 10pm to begin my first ever frantic all nighter for my last ever deadline. As if I didn’t feel bad enough, I bumped into my friend who was printing off her final draft as I was carrying a pile of books in one hand with a strong white coffee in the other. The look she gave me was of pure disappointment and all I could say was ”Blame Laurie!”. Regardless, I stayed in the library until 8:00am before going home for a power nap where I had various friends whatsapping me throughout the morning saying ”How’s it going?” and ”Good morning!How are the essays?” to which they call the rather short reply of ”I’m so fucking tired. Proofreading”. Although, I’m unsure how effective my proofreading since I was so sleep deprived, I would have been better off having a drunk person proof read my final essays . However, I handed in my final essays, which are of highly dubious quality, and then went home to sleep. My department is amazing and put on this huge spread for us, but after staring blankly into space for five minutes I decided to go home and catch up on sleep.

2) Drink

I actually saved my ”I FINISHED MY DEGREE!” night out for the Friday when more people were willing to give up a night of revision because it’s a Friday and it’s time to blow off some steam. The only appropriate way to toast your success is with cocktails, and Revs have a Happy Hour where cocktails are two for one, so naturally I ordered four. By the second cocktail I was beginning to feel tipsy and by the third I was telling my friend ”I don’t think I can finish these you know” and the fourth….well I don’t remember getting the taxi back to my friends to continue pre drinking. In fact, the whole of pre drinks is a bit of a blur but I’ve been told two things ”It’s the first time ever I have seen you really drunk. Usually, you’re quite composed but you were completely zoned out in pre drinks” and ”You had a great night! You were so happy and dancey!” so I’m going to assume that drunk Zoe had a great night, because sober Zoe is utterly clueless.

3) Panic about jobs.

The fear about not finding a job is oh so very real. Naturally, I want to go into one of the most competitive industries ever: media. This means that I’m fighting out against hundreds of applicants for one job, and whilst my C.V is relatively respectable, it is nothing compared to the fearsome C.Vs of those who have been interning and obtaining work experience at various media companies since before they could drive. Thus, my success has been quite modest. I don’t want to say if I have any interviews coming because I don’t want to jinx it but I received an interesting email today from a company telling me that I had a ”strong application” but other applicants were closer to what they wanted. However, they are keeping my application on hold so if the people they interview are not any good then they will reopen my application and get back to me. This is basically the career version of someone telling you that they just aren’t that into you so they are going to explore other options and if there’s nobody better then they will consider settling with me. When I told my friend this she told me ”Tell them to stick it”, she may have a point.


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