The Perils of Springtime.

Remember the days when I used to blog twice a week? Me neither. Who knew that juggling a degree, two part time jobs, and a trying to fit in work experience and extra curricular activities on top of a social life would leave little time for blogging. However, currently I’m on the 9-5 grind at a news agency in Leicester and the creative juices are flowing and will be right up until Saturday when my dissertation takes over my life for the next three weeks (translation: I’m horribly behind). Anyway, spring is upon us which a lot of distressing things are occurring alongside writing a dissertation, observe:

1) Wardrobe dilemmas

The worst part about spring is the fact that the weather can’t make up its damn mind what it’s doing. When I wake up in the morning it is genuinely like I’m on a game show entitled ”What clothing is safe to wear today?”. If I decide to opt for thicker clothing because it looks cold then lo and behold by 11:00am there will be sunny skies and high temperatures, and if I adopt lighter clothing by the time I’m halfway to the bus stop it begins to rain, and by the time I am at the bus stop it looks like I have taken a shower fully clothed. The other day I decided to wear a high waisted skirt to work and prayed it wouldn’t rain; the powers above granted my wish and kept the skies clear but then decided to send gale force winds through Leicester. I apologise profusely to anyone in Leicester city centre the other day who had the misfortune and displeasure of having to witness me desperately attempt to hold onto my bag and hold my skirt down.

2) Fit vs Fat

The worst thing about spring is that it reminds you that you were meant to get in shape by spring, and that summer is coming and you are most definitely not body ready for the beach or…..any clothing which shows off your body. Suddenly, allowing yourself those extra carbs during winter, which you argued could be justified because it was cold and your body was burning extra calories by attempting to keep you warm, is the moment that you pinpoint where everything went wrong. You berate yourself for simply not learning how to live in hoodys and jumpers (I actually slept in my hoody for a good two months during the winter in the midst of wondering why the house was freezing – turns out we hadn’t actually turned the heating on) and instead choosing to give your body an extra layer of fat instead which you were able to hide with the thick winter clothing.Unfortunately, spring calls for lighter clothing, and summer no clothing as the British population enjoy deonstrating by going topless if they are male, and wearing painfully short shorts, which in some cases may as well be a thong, if they are female.

3) Festival Line Ups

This is the time of year when everyone starts discussing festivals, and when festival promoters start going gung ho with the promotion of their event (Yes, Hideout. I’m looking at you with your stunning pictures of Croatia and ”100 days until Hideout! lulz!” caption). This is also the time of year when people start looking at the incredible line ups that each festival has: Leeds/Reading, Creamfields and Hideout take a bow because your line ups are insane. Currently, I have Boomtown festival booked in with the potential of booking another but I know I am not alone when I look at all the festivals and feel gutted that I can’t afford to go to them all. Unfortunately, I don’t have money to burn and I am not capable of robbing a bank so instead I;m just going to have to stare mournfully at the websites.

4) Lack of motivation.

I finish my degree at the end of May, and I am so unmotivated I want to cry. This is the year where I should be stepping up and working myself into the ground but having only three hours contact time a week means that my room is procrastination central. There is also the fact that after being in educations since the age of four that I am quite frankly sick of it and it makes motivating myself difficult which is crap because I actually love my degree. Unfortunately, a combination of summer being on the horizon and being free from education means that motivation is severely lacking.



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