The No Make-Up Selfie: I was wrong.

Over the last couple of days the “No Make-Up Selfie” has been all over my Facebook and Twitter. For those of you who aren’t aware of it, women have been uploading pictures of themselves wearing no make-up in a bid to raise awareness about cancer.

Now when I first heard about this I was two things: snide and negative. I’m not usually those two things but in the last couple of weeks I have become, unfortunately, quite a negative person and I decided to take it out on these No Make Up Selfies. Asking what on earth self indulgent selfies have to do with raising awareness about cancer and why not just donate the money instead.

Well, today I’m eating my words as cancer research charities have raised the same amount of money they raise in two months in one day – pretty sick. I think a lot of these donations will have come from people like me who will have said “What the hell has a no make-up selfie got to do with cancer!? Why don’t you just donate money like I have done!?” Proving that the no make up selfie has fulfilled its purpose: raised awareness.

Whilst I have donated money to cancer research, I have decided not to upload a no make up selfie even though I have been nominated. This isn’t because I can’t bear to be seen without my slap, quite the opposite as people who see me day to day will verify, but because I, and no offence to anybody who has uploaded one, I don’t think uploading a photo of yourself without wearing make-up is that inspirational. The most inspirational photo I have seen in regards to this campaign is a woman suffering from cancer who took a photo of herself not wearing her wig. This was the first time she had allowed anyone to see her without her wig since treatment had seen her lose her hair.

I think it’s a shame that so many girls thought it was a big deal for them to upload a photo of themselves onto a social networking site sans make-up. Especially, when they all looked beautiful without it. Make-up is a great tool to help enhance your natural features, but it should never get to the point where you feel insecure without it, or when you feel taking a photo of yourself without it is an act of bravery.

So yes, I was wrong to be so negative and snide regarding the No Make Up Selfies, because they have helped raise awareness which is incredible. However, I can’t help but still feel somewhat bewildered and disappointed that this is such a big deal for some girls in the first place.


2 thoughts on “The No Make-Up Selfie: I was wrong.

  1. I understand what your saying but it’s no secret that most girls feel self-conscious without their make-up on. The no make-up selfie is a way for every other woman out there to bare themselves in an uncomfortable way to someway relate and support those going through cancer who have, lost their hair, lost a lot of weight etc and feel again, very self conscious. It’s to me, the most obvious connection and I personally don’t see how you can question it’s intention. These are in no way ‘self indulgent’.

    • I see where you are coming from, but the No Make-Up Selfie was originally created with the intention of telling women that it only takes 30 seconds to check your breasts for lumps – less time than it takes to put on your make-up.

      I don’t question the good intentions people had, and when I wrote ”self indulgent” I did note that I was being particularly negative that day. However, I still think some of the selfies were misguided as many people uploaded a photo without saying whether they had donated/how to donate etc etc etc which was why I, and many other people questioned how it was helping raise awareness.

      Thanks for your comment, though 🙂 x

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