The perils of giving up sweet food for Lent.

Last year for Lent I gave up alcohol, and it was a challenge, but I succeeded and felt like a better person for it. In retrospect, giving up alcohol wasn’t even that hard; it was not like I was an old lush who boozed from morning till night. It was just the fact that I was a second year at university and I was still going out (on average) twice a week. This year I decided to give up: chocolate, cake(s), ice cream and biscuits. This isn’t because I lounge on the sofa basking in my gluttony as I dip chocolate into Ben and Jerry’s icecream with one hand whilst feeding myself with cake with the other hand, but simply because I have a dreadful sweet stuff and summer is rapidly approaching and with me going abroad I want to look, and most importantly FEEL good about myself. I’m one week into my sugar abstinence, and let me tell you, Here’s what has happened to me thus far:

1) Day long headaches.

Yesterday I had a day long migraine which was absolutely killer, and no, before you ask it was not a hangover. I am not being melodramatic either; the entire of my head felt like it had been set alight. Unfortunately, when you dramatically reduce your sugar intake you will experience withdrawal symptoms and migraines happen to be one of them. However, I did find a cure for this which happens to be fruit. I was eating some frozen mango and half an hour later I realised that my migraine had disappeared which is presumably due to the fact that fruit has natural sugars in it. Consequently, I have realised that I am going to have to up my fruit intake for a while and then slowly bring it back down in a bid to help me cope with my withdrawal symptoms.

2) Irrational anger

Yesterday, I was reading about Gemma Worall who is a beautician from the UK who happened to not only call Barack Obama ”Barraco Barner” but also believed he was the Prime Minister of the UK. Now, I think we can all agree that this shows Gemma is woefully ignorant of politics but what irritated me was the fact the glee some people seemed to possess whilst insulting her etc etc. Yes she probably needs to read a newspaper a bit more often but it’s not like she has killed anyone. Anyway, this was in the morning and it irritated me a bit, but usually I am quite a chilled out person and just move on. However, yesterday I just got angrier and angrier as the day went on and by the end of the day I was just furious and I wasn’t even sure why anymore. The reason I suspected is down to the fact my sugar intake has been reduced so much which can be another sign of withdrawal symptoms.

3) Dizziness

Yep, as well as day long migraines and murderous rages, I have also had dizzy spells. The most interesting one was when I was walking home and I was crossing the road and thought I was just going to facepalm it onto the ground and pass out. I could not/can not believe that cutting out cakes, chocolate, ice cream and biscuits has had this dramatic effect on my body because it is not like I have cake for breakfast smothered in chocolate spread and then followed with a hot chocolate with marsh mellows on it. I know some people will think I am being melodramatic, but it has actually been that bad!

4) An overwhelming craving of carbs.

Bread, pasta, chips, lollipops, you name it and my body has been craving it. I knew something was up when I started craving full sugar coke which I haven’t drank in months. Basically, my body is craving sugar from every available source and things like bread, pasta etc are a way for my body to get some sugar into my body. It has been tough, and I have wanted to relent and just commit carbacide but, for now, I am holding out.


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