Why I don’t want to be a teacher.

So I have six months left of education before I’m thrust out into the real world, and I have no idea about what I want to do after! I’ve been applying for jobs, but being on three committees at university on top of writing for The Epinal (or the fun police as it’s now known) as well as trying to keep blogging, average a 2.1 and have some form of a social life means that job applications are the last thing on my mind. Unfortunately, a lot of people on my course have all made leaps and bounds with their post uni life already and many of them have taken the teacher route. Now, I’ve always been quite vocal about the fact I don’t want to be a teacher. I currently work with kids as I’m a student outreach officer so I work with children from disadvantaged backgrounds, and I enjoy spending the odd day with them but I don’t want to devote fifty years of my life to children, but who knows I may be eating my words this time next year as I apply for a PGCE. Although, I may have to delete this blog if I do; I don’t think Mummy and Daddy would be too thrilled to find out that Miss Mumba spent three years propping up most of the bars in Louhborough. Anyway, I watched a video by the wonderful Kingsley which inspired me to write about why I don’t want to be a teacher (the best bit is from 1:45 onwards):

1) Kids don’t want to be there

What happens when you try and get school children to colour in a map.

What happens when you try and get school children to colour in a map.

I’m at university and pretty much everyone I know (including myself) whinges about the workload, whinges about their timetable (I whinged about having all my four hours a week being on a Friday) and whinges about their modules and we’re paying for our education. I can’t imagine anything worse than teaching a bunch of kids who are only there because their parents will put in handcuffs if they aren’t. I went to a state school and I saw the various ways kids made it clear they didn’t want to be there from simply talking over the teacher to storming out like they had been called an offensive name and not asked to colour in a map (You can guess which subject this was).

2) I just don’t have the patience.

Climbing Mount Everest: Probably quicker and easier to climb than getting a class to read scene I of Romeo and Juliet.

Climbing Mount Everest: Probably quicker and easier to climb than getting a class to read scene I of Romeo and Juliet.

I’m pretty laid back, but even I have my limits and going into work everyday to battle with kids who either throw tantrums or throw dictionaries out of window, my friend and I who were sat in religious education on the bottom floor actually saw witnessed many dictionaries being thrown out of the window of the floor above to the ground outside, and wondered if one of the English teachers had finally snapped and had a mental breakdown. In reality, it was probably just a pupil taking advantage of the fact a teacher had left the room to print of some more copies of whatever text they were reading, and staged a protest about being forced to read Romeo and Juliet (don’t blame them) . I admire and respect teachers for going into schools everyday knowing that it’d be quicker and less stressful to climb Mount Everest than get the class to finish the first scene of Romeo and Juliet, but it’s not for me.

3) You can never escape them.

''Let's give teachers the same holidays as students##

”Let’s give teachers the same holidays as students##

People say that teachers have it easy because they get loads of holidays, but those holidays they receive are the school holidays when all of their pupils are also free. Even though a teacher would be incredibly unfortunate to bump into any of his or her pupils whilst they were lounging on a sunbed or trying to drink themselves into oblivion to forget the stress of their job at the hotel bar, they are still likely to to be surrounded by children. And what about if you want to have children of your own? Some people use their home to escape their work life, imagine coming home after a day of being sworn at, telling multiple people that you know the reason they didn’t hand their homework in is not because their dog ate it because they don’t have a dog to coming home and having to make sure plates are empty and bedtimes are enforced. I refuse to have a life where my home and work life involves children; sometimes you need to escape!


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