So Tinder.

So on New Years Eve I was stood with my friend in the queue and she started telling me to get on Tinder, and at first I was like ”No”; I’m aware of what Tinder is, it’s a dating website like Plenty of Fish. Now, I always thought Plenty of Fish was a dodgy thing to call a dating website, y’know with in regards to the word fish (I’ll leave it at that) and going on a dating app in general has never appealed to me.

However, my friend insisted I should get on it because ”It’s a giggle”, and ”Zoe, you’ll need something to get you through those essays. The day after my work do when I was sat with my head on my desk, the messages I received on that are the only things that got me through!”, although I’m not sure I should be taking advice from a girl who got with someone at work in exchange for him buying her a cup of tea the next day.  Such messages included one from a particularly charming male who said ”Do you like romance? I will stick my dick so far down your throat it’ll touch your heart”.

So, I’ve decided to sign up for Tinder; not in the belief I’ll meet the love of my life or because I’m desperate for some no strings fun (I’m a female at university, if I want that I can go out to the union) but to see if I learn anything during these next two weeks about dating apps and to see if there are any messages that will keep me sane whilst I’m trapped in the library. One thing I’ve already learnt is that there’s loads of Loughborough students on it having a quick shark. So hopefully, in two weeks time when I’m dancing down to Martin Hall to hand in my coursework I’ll have enough material to write a follow up blog post on my little social experiment.


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