Things I learned whilst carol singing.

So last week I went carol singing for the first time in a looong time, and I won’t lie, I did think God was going to smite me down as I took my seat and picked up the piece of paper with the hymns on but fortunately the Lord must have decided my soul can be saved. Now, I was so excited to be carol singing because I thought all those times of power ballading Mariah in my room (this usually happens when I’m locked away writing essays and I need music which feels as tragic as my essays) were about to pay off, but unfortunately I only knew three hymns out of about eight so I I wasn’t able to showcase my vocal talents (or lack of them). However, I did learn a few things:

1) Sitting right at the front is not advisable

My face when I'm writing essays.

My face when I’m writing essays.

Some people chose to stand for the service (it was outside) but I bagged a seat in the second row which I regretted when I got the bad case of the giggles halfway through the service. I think it was the song ”O holy night” but basically the people around me were really going for it like they were at an X factor audition, and were still warbling on and holding extra notes when everyone had stopped. Basically, I just couldn’t control myself and ended up shaking with laughter with tears streaming down my face trying to battle on with the singing so I didn’t look like a disrespectful dick. However, when we sang the closing song ”We wish you a merry christmas” I discovered there’s a line which goes ”We won’t stop until we get some” and I didn’t even try and smother my laughter and just started cackling like a witch. I can’t even blame it on the mulled wine because it was non alcoholic, there was probably more alcohol in mouthwash than in the mulled wine. I’m just really childish and inappropriate.

2) It makes you feel festive.

On a scale of one to Grinch, how festive I am.

On a scale of one to Grinch, how festive I am.

This year Christmas has completely bypassed me because I’ve been so busy worrying about my degree and not failing it. However, when I was sat at the carol service drinking my non alcoholic mulled wine and eating a mince pie I finally felt festive. Yes, I only knew three hymns out of the entire service, and no it didn’t make me run to town and purchase a festive jumper, but I did put my Christmas playlist on full rotation when I got home. Actually, thinking about it, it was probably the mince pies that made me feel festive. I don’t even like mince pies but they’re like brussell sprouts; the only time people eat them is at Christmas.

3) It makes you feel angelic.

How angelic I felt.

How angelic I felt.

Now, I’m far from the antichrist but I can’t imagine that if I get into heaven that I’ll be given one of the best seats in the house. Maybe a seat in the middle somewhere with all the other average joes. However, when I was singing those Christmas carols I that if I died at that very moment then I’d be given a seat in heaven right next to the creator himself. At times I felt like there was a halo above my head which actually turned out to be the streetlight I was under, but it definitely made me feel angelic.


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