Why the exec video is better than Rebecca Black’s.

So pretty much everyone in Loughborough has seen the exec video as well as many people in the UK (and a few people in America and Asia) and until a couple of days ago I’d been pretty quiet regarding the topic. The video has gone viral and made into various papers from the Mirror to the Daily Mail and was even featured on Radio 1; now that Loughborough has embraced the video, I feel it is now safe for me to publish this blog post, because before I felt uneasy because of all the negativity surrounding it.

Now, the exec video made me laugh; when I say laugh I don’t mean just laugh, I mean it made me laugh in the sense that I was slapping my knees with tears streaming down my face whilst trying desperately to breathe.

Now, anything that makes me (or anyone laugh) is more often than not a good thing. However, the exec video faced a lot of criticism in the beginning which led to its youtube comments being disabled. I saw some of the comments and one that stuck out to me was ”Come back Rebecca Black, all is forgiven!” and I’ve been thinking about that comment for the past couple of days and came to the conclusion that the Exec video is BETTER than Rebecca Black’s for these reasons:

1) There is no autotune

Don't worry, your job is definitely still safe.

Don’t worry, your job is definitely still safe.

Say what you like about the Exec video, but clearly, unlike Rebecca Black, the exec used no autotune. Some people may say they should have, but I think it is more embarrassing to clearly be warbling along in an autotuned voice and having people saying it is terrible than using your own voice. After all, unless you are being paid by people to sing then you don’t need to have a voice like Mariah that can reach notes so high that only dogs are able to hear them. I also think the fact that the singing in the exec video is off key adds to the hilarity of it, because some of the exec, bless them, sounded like Homer Simpson singing underwater.

2) It is actually informative.

Did wonder if bucket was a euphemism.

Rebecca Black’s Friday genuinley had the lyrics ”Tomorrow is Saturday,And Sunday comes after … wards” which was the perfect example of someone stating the bloody obvious, but then she was singing about how she’s ”drivin’, cruisin, fast lanes, switchin’ lanes”, which when I heard I was like ”Hold up” because when she released the song she was only thirteen years old. Now, I’m not very knowledgeable about the laws in America, but I’m pretty sure no thirteen year old is allowed to go crusin’ down fast lanes on a Friday night like P. Diddy.
If the two underage Kardashian sisters weren’t allowed to be served alcohol in a bar then I can’t imagine them allowing Rebecca Black to be driving around at thirteen.

Whilst the lyrics of the exec song may not have completely fit the tune of Naughty Boy’s ”La, La, La”, nobody can say that the song isn’t informative. Now anybody who wasn’t sure what was going on in the Union before knows that RAG has raised over a million, Action has one a big society award and we’ve one BUSCs for thirty two years in a row. Sure, there may be a reason why Loughborough doesn’t offer music degrees, but now the whole of the UK knows why Loughborough generally walks on water.

3) It opened up wider debates

Driving with no license, no seat belts and being stood up in a car that is in motion. At least the exec's video wasn't breaking any laws.

Driving with no license, no seat belts and being stood up in a car that is in motion. At least the exec’s video wasn’t breaking any laws.

So basically the Loughborough students were divided on the video, some were saying it was a joke and people were taking it too seriously and others were throwing their toys out of the pram and demanding it be taken down.Then in the official Loughborough freshers group, a comment complaining about the video which got over 200 likes got deleted and BAM, a cheesy video which was made with the simple intention of informing freshers about the union had managed to work everyone up into a frenzy about the union censoring people’s comments.

The only quote that seems appropriate here is ”Boy, that escalated quickly. I mean, that really got out of hand fast”. I’m not sure how we went from learning about the fact the LSU has over 70 societies to articles being written about censorship but we did. Did Rebecca Black’s video spark off debates about wider issues? Nope. The only issue she brought up is why there is a group of clearly underage people driving a car in her video.


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