Things I don’t understand about Made in Chelsea.

So until two weeks ago I had never watched an episode of Made in Chelsea, and after I had sat through it my reaction was best summed up in this tweet by a friend ”Well am not watching Made in Chelsea again. Load of Southern fairies. Spencer is a bellend”. Tonight I came into contact with Made in Chelsea again at someone else’s house and you could literally hear the ”whooosh” over my head as the reason why it captivated so many people flew over my head.One of my friends said it makes you feel good about yourself because they are ”supposed to be what we aspire to (rich, ”good looking” party lifestyle) yet are shallow/horrible”. Well all I have to say to that is that it must feel better to cry in a Ferrari whilst looking pretty. Here are some things that confused me:

1) Why is it in soft focus?

Before they took their kit off.

Before they took their kit off.

Basically, can someone explain to me why a TV show about rich, supposedly classy people in London is in soft focus and basically gives the impression to someone who has just begun watching it that they have accidentally stumbled on a porno. They are all good looking people who have an army of make artists who have the ability to make it look like someone isn’t wearing make-up when they are caked in it, they don’t need soft focus to make like them look better because they are Made in Chelsea, not Chesterfield.

2) Why there is a camera crew in a therapy session.

Pouring his heart out to his therapist..and camera crew. Like you do.

Pouring his heart out to his therapist..and camera crew. Like you do.

So Spencer, who is apparently the antichrist, was in a therapy session and he was just sat talking about his issues whatever with a camera crew like it was the most natural thing in the world. I know it is a tv programme, and that it is scripted but let’s try and get a little bit realistic here. I can accept that 99.9% of the scenarios are staged, but how the hell can anybody take a tv programme seriously when there is a camera crew camped out in a therapy session!?

4) Why nothing happens

That's more like it!

That’s more like it!

In TOWIE, at least Lauren pushed Mark into a pool. In Geordie Shore they trash the house and fall asleep in the toilet. In Made In Chelsea all they do is talk about themselves and/or relationships that are over. I mean, I’m Northern so I’m probably going to relate more to Geordie Shore because it is like being transported back to the streets of Sheffield on a Friday night, but when Made in Chelsea ended I was like WTF!? I spent the entire episode waiting for something ”OMG” to happen and all that happened was that they spend the entire programme bitching about their lives – WHAAAAA!?


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