A rookie’s guide to surviving third year.

Somehow, I’ve managed to make it through university with my liver intact and some decent grades. However, third year is here and WOW, nobody prepared me for this! Not only have afternoon naps been banished from my life but I now own a diary which helps sort out my chaotic life into some kind of order.

In the past two weeks, I have been more productive than my first and second years combined. If I had been this on the ball in the first to years of university I would have not only got a first but also found the cure for the common cold. To any people curled up in a ball panicking about third year (I would be too, but I don’t have time0. Here is a rookie’s guide to the FY.

1) Schedule your week

My Monday morning schedule.

My Monday morning schedule.

If you think I’m joking when I say that I know schedule my life a week in advance then you are sadly mistaken. I now know where I need/am meant to be a week in of advance because if I don’t write it down then I will inevitably forget. I’ve even had to write down reminders to text, message, email people back which happened when I discovered someone had sent me a message a month ago and I’d looked at it and simply forgotten to respond (I’m becoming the type of person I hate). It will probably come to point where by Christmas I’m scheduling in half an hour a week where I sit down in the shower and weep about how stressful third year is.

2) Prioritise

Still contains more food than my fridge.

When I first came back to Loughborough I put off food shopping for three or four days because I was simply too lazy and I discovered that it was actually possible to live off alcohol and fresh air (before illness gets you). However, I haven’t been food shopping in over a week because I’ve simply been to busy and traipsing to Tesco just seems like an inconvenience. The food I currently have in my fridge is cottage cheese, milk and butter and the contents of my cupboard and freezer are as equally as uninspiring. To survive third year you need to think about what is more important; going food shopping or spending the afternoon doing work so you can have the evening free to watch the new episode of Geordie Shore in an attempt to make yourself feel better about your life.

3) Accept you will be constantly tired.


About seven days into third year I realised that the constant state of tiredness I was experiencing was not going to go away anytime soon and I should just surrender and face the fact that from now on until June I will be feeling exceptionally tired. Those afternoon naps I used to take after a strenuous two hour seminar are now things of the past as I leave the house at nine am some days and don’t return until four in the afternoon. The days of living up the the English student stereotype of lying in until late and maybe turning up to a one hour (of a six hours a week timetable) seminar are long gone as I now discover that I am actually doing a real degree after all.

4) Don’t take all your rage out on the freshers

Me on Friday.

Me on Friday.

So I went out on Friday night which was my first free evening in about a week, because YOLO, and went to the union. Now, I spent the entire night being groped by random males, being shoved about by people who can’t handle their alcohol and stepping over drunk people rolling about on the floor (If alcohol was invented today it would be a class A drug). I think my lip was curled for 95% of the night in a sneer and my eyes must have looked as if they were in the back of my head because I was rolling them that much.

I realised today though that my annoyance wasn’t simply down to the fact that everyone around me was excessively drunk and I was borderline sober, but also because the freshers can spend the entire of their Saturday in bed talking about the previous night’s antics whilst I had to wake myself up at 10;00 am to make sure I was doing something more productive than reaching over to my windowsill for an aspirin. It’s easy to find freshers annoying, but we’ve all been there before.

5) Make sure you have enough ”Me” time.

What I'll be doing in the shower by Christmas.

What I’ll be doing in the shower by Christmas.

Whether it’s watching Geordie Shore because watching people get drunk is less effort than getting drunk yourself or simply curling up in a ball in the shower and crying, ”Me” time is essential when it comes to surviving third year. I’m thinking of making my ”Me” time on a Sunday where I simply turn off my phone and pretend the outside world doesn’t exist until Monday morning.


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