Signs you have returned to student life.

September is back to uni month, and a welcome relief to many of us because we can now justify going out during week days, afternoon naps and have that one day of feeling like a millionaire when our student loan goes in before it all but disappears on our rent. After spending the summer working, and declining invites to nights out because ”I’m too tired!” I have been thrust back into student life and I completely forgot how different it is to the ”real world”

1) You suddenly find the energy to go out from nowhere.

What happens when you do your make up on a train whilst pre drinking.

What happens when you do your make up on a train whilst pre drinking.

Pretty much all summer I declined nights out because I was too tired and also everytime I did I ended spending the next day wondering whether I should call the paramedics because I usually spent the day curled up in the foetal position. However, the day I finished my placement in London I messaged a friend enquiring if they were going out in Loughborough that night, and suddenly, I found myself planning to do an eight hour day, get the train back to Loughborough and jump off it and run to a pre drinks which I’d spend all of forty five minutes at before heading out.

I don’t know where this burst of energy came from, but I was so on it. On the train I had my make-up in one hand and a can of Marks and Spencers vodka orange in the other. Doing make-up on a train whilst drinking probably meant I resembled Bozo the clown when I’d done (but it as dark, who cares) but I still think there is something about student life which gives you a sudden burst of energy to go out no matter how tired you are.

2) Hangovers become less brutal

Where my hangovers take me to.

Where my hangovers take me to.

My hangovers during the summer were unbearable. I genuinely thought my nights out were over because the next day I felt like I had been cast onto the seventh level of hell. Since being back at uni I have not only done three nights out on the trot, but somehow managed to get away with a headache as opposed to feeling like I was in the middle of an earthquake when someone simply put their cup down. It’s like your body prepares itself for the significant increase of alcohol you are going to consume and stops giving you hangovers which make you feel like you’re being crucified.

3) You catch whatever is going around.

I stayed in Monday night after my wild weekend because in my eyes I had been, saw and conquered Loughborough, so I thought ”This is great, I’ll finally not feel hungover for the first time in three days tomorrow”. Famous last words, or what. I managed to avoid getting freshers flu in my first and second year, but somehow, even though I’m not living in halls this year, I have managed to get freshers flu. This is absolute bullshit. My head feels stuffy, I’m coughing and sneezing: it’s a nightmare and it is probably karma for me feeling smug for the past two years when everyone else was firmly in fresher’s flu’s clutches.

Saying that, I may not have freshers flu. It may be a result of me living in Loughborough for four days without going food shopping but managing to make it to the shops for a bottle of rum and wine. I clearly have my priorities sorted.

4) Eight hours a week seems really unfair.

My housemate was complaining that she had seven hours of lectures on a Monday, and I was whinging that I had eight hours this semester and no longer had Fridays off when it dawned on me that eight hours is what most people work in a day and I’m going to have to face the fact that one day I can no longer go into weekend mode on a thursday because I’m going to be a big girl whose presence will be required by my employer on a Friday. That is providing anybody will want to hire someone who throws a tantrum about finishing at three on a friday instead of having it off. You know you are back in the throes of student life when you’re bitching about the amount of hours you have in a week that you’ll be expected to work in a day when you finally join the real world.

5) Every thing becomes an effort.

Student life makes you lazy. The main reason I didn’t go food shopping for four days was because I really couldn’t be bothered, even though I only live five minutes away from Tesco. To say I spent the entire summer running around like a headless chicken (I considered advertising for minions) I suddenly find that I have become increasingly lazy (and I’m only five days in). This happened last year when I was writing an essay which made no sense and I just gave up and spent the rest of the day in bed watching old reruns of Sex and the city. I’m not the only person, I know someone who had to fabreeze his clothes for a night out because he had got to the point where he had no clean clothes.


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