How not to book a trip away.

Until recently I thought I was going to spend the entire of 2013 trapped in England. I thought the most exotic place I was going to visit was London, but then the Gods smiled upon me and I’m now booked on a trip to Europe with my friend. We’ve managed to do this all by ourselves and hopefully things will go to plan, but if you’re going to book a trip away don’t do it like we did:

1) Don’t do it on impulse.

Basically, don’t decide with your friend that you are going on a weekend trip away to Europe over Twitter and then go over to her house a couple of days later and book everything within half an hour. It only hit me a few days later that I’m actually doing this, and that I’ll have to spend the weeks leading up to the trip in isolation writing essays just so I don’t spend the entire trip panicking about the fact I’m not doing work.

2) Make sure you’ve seriously thought about accommodation.

Originally, me and my friend were going to go in a two bed room in a hostel, but then we realised that we could get a room infinitely cheaper if we decided to go in a room with other people. So in the space of two minutes we had swapped a semi luxurious two bed room and let ourselves in for all the horrors of sharing with eight people( I’m already having nightmares about the state of the toilet).

Our reasoning? We’re not going to be lugging suitcases around with us for the weekend, just a backpack, so whilst we may look a little worse for wear by the end of the weekend without a suitcase full of beauty products (In the words of my friend ”Lynsey would be packing the straighteners, I’m just going to wear a hat!”) we’ll only have to protect our rucksacks from being raided by strangers and I plan to sleep on top of mine. Basically, don’t do as we have done and downgrade on accommodation because the likelihood is that I’ll be writing a blog post about the horrors of our accommodation in a couple of months time.

3) Realise you are actually travelling.

We’re travelling on a Friday, and had the bright idea of having a big night out on the Thursday, getting up at eight the next morning to travel to London and then get the Eurostar for five hours. Now, this of course seems like the perfect wild weekend, but the reality is that I’ll most likely be getting an extra thorough frisking off security because I’ll be looking very suspicious as I stroll through check in on a November afternoon with my hood up, wearing my sunglasses whilst clutching a very strong Starbucks in my shaking hand. The last time I had a night out I was curled up in the foetal position in bed for around five hours and I can safely say that I know what the closest thing to death feels like.

This isn’t an issue for my friend who once had a night out, didn’t get home till 6:00 am then got a train at 8:00am to Birmingham to go see Beyonce and then went on a night out after seeing her perform. The likelihood is that my friend will be giving me a firemans lift to the train station and all the way to Europe.

4) Have an idea of what you plan to do when you’re there

After we had planned our trip, my friend and I went to celebrate by going out for dinner where we discussed what we plan on doing. My friend was telling me she wanted to visit the Van Gough museum and my exact words were “It’s boring. Just look at the pictures online!”

This isn’t because I’m a complete philistine, but because I have already been to the Van Gough museum. Now, I like art but I think you’re supposed to feeling something other than boredom when looking at paintings, so it was completely wasted on me. One thing we have both agreed on though is the sex museum (naturally).


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