A guide to piercings.

So, a couple of days ago I finally decided to make the most out of my nose piercing by swapping to a nose ring after wearing a barely noticeable stud for over a year. It got me thinking about piercings and how I went about getting mine done; I don’t have my ears pierced but I’ve braved a nose piercing, a belly button piercing a couple of weeks ago AND two tattoos (I went about everything the wrong way, didn’t I?). So I put together a little blog post about piercings and some advice I have if you are going to get one done:

1) Get it done on impulse

She just asked if childbirth is more painful than a piercing.

If you can’t handle a noise piercing, then child birth is not for you.

I’d been thinking about my piercings for a while, but I always put it off because the pain part was a massive issue for me. Both times I woke up in the morning and gave myself a stern talking to ”There are women giving BIRTH everyday and you can’t stand five minutes of pain” before marching to the tattoo parlour and demanding they pierced me before I chickened out. By the time I was having second thoughts, there was a huge needle at the side of my nose and by the time I’d exhaled it was all over (bar quite a few tears having gathered in my eyes).

Imagine it will be the worst pain ever

Hannah Montana...you in there?

Hannah Montana…you in there?

Only think this when you’re in the chair and there is literally no backing out. I always imagined myself screaming the place down like some kids probably did when they watched the Miley Cyrus’ VMAs performance and saw Hannah Montana was dead and gone, and Miley Cyrus was twerking over her grave. The result was both times I said , ”Oh, it wasn’t that bad!”. Although with my belly button I was punished for that comment as my piercer stood pulling at it for ten minutes which hurt A LOT, and I’m pretty sure he was close to stuffing his fist in my mouth because I was making that much noise, which probably filled the customers downstairs with confidence.

3) Don’t wear heavy clothing

What I'd done to the seat.

What I’d done to the seat.

When I got my belly button done and I was wearing a big hoody because it was pretty cold, and I regretted it when I got out of the chair and stood wobbling next to it. I’d been that nervous I’d sweated through all of my clothes and by the time I’d stepped out of the chair it was almost like one of those police outlines they put around dead bodies, because you could see my body imprinted on the seat. I was so embarrassed that I placed my bag on the seat to cover it, and when my piercer turned away to get my change I started frantically wiping the seat with my bag.

4) Leave it alone

Doing this makes my Mum's stomach flip more than a burger.

Doing this makes my Mum’s stomach flip more than a burger.

When I got my nose pierced I didn’t leave it long enough to heal, and one night I took a stud out overnight and the next morning I discovered it had almost healed over which meant I had to frantically get the stud back in and pretty much ended up piercing my nose all over again (Yes, it was painful and no, don’t try this at home). With my tummy I’ve been much better, and left it well alone bar cleaning it in the morning and evening much to the displeasure of my Mum who says it makes her feel ill when she sees me touching it (much to my amusement). If you don’t want to end up having to having to be pierced again, or would rather not see puss oozing out of your body then don’t fiddle with (that’s not a euphemism).

Enjoy the buzz

How I feel after a body modification.

How I feel after a body modification.

It’s amazing what a small hole in your body can make you feel, I always found that whenever I’ve been pierced (or tattooed) that I have a massive adrenaline rush and feel like I could conquer the world. However, that may be because I’m a huge baby and hate pain so it’s a huge achievement for me. As soon as I’ve stepped out of the shop I start thinking ”Hmmm, what else could I get done?” and that is the reason why so many people struggle to stop at one piercing or tattoo. However, having had four body modifications in under two years, I think I’ll step away from the needle for a few years, Well, after I finally get my ears pierced….


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