So to be a successful journalist my sister needs to marry a Prince.

Originally, wrote for a competition on Ideas Tap.

With one year left until I graduate into the wilderness called ”The Real World” (whatever that is), I am trying to cram as much experience onto my C.V as I possible. From blogging to becoming a Student Ambassador for Loughborough University, I am doing everything I possibly can to ensure the big bad world that education has so kindly shielded me from does not chew me up, partially digest me and then bend over the gutter and throw me back up like a drunken eighteen year old who’s just devoured a (most likely) 100% horse meat kebab on a night out.

Being an English student, I have three occupations to choose from when I graduate: teacher, journalist or unemployed. After spending 17 years in education, I really do not fancy spending another fifty years in the classroom with kids who’d rather watch the film adaption than read the actual book, and despite what some people think, I think my English degree warrants me getting something more out of life than waiting in the dole queue for my benefits. So journalist it is, all I have to do is beat off competition from the thousands of other aspiring journalists who also have a degree and a blog, no biggie.

The road to success is definitely not easy, especially in an industry where people are losing jobs. However, I was prepared to enter ”The Real World” armed with my C.V and degree certificate in the hopes that someone would see some potential in me and at least give me a job serving tea to real journalists. Unfortunately, the road to success is now not just difficult but nigh impossible. In the past few months, Pippa Middleton who is Kate Middleton’s (the future Queen of England) sister has acquired a job as a columnist for Waitrose, replacing the cook and TV presenter Delia Smith, and is now a contributing editor for Vanity Fair AND had a book published on party planning called Celebrate

Now, with an English Literature degree from Edinburgh University, I am not saying Pippa cannot write, but is she really deserving of all these writing jobs compared to all those students and graduates who do unpaid internship after unpaid internship? I think not, especially since her book was panned by critics and there is a parody Twiiter account called ”Pippa Middleton Tips” taking the mick out of the advice she gives.

So, in light of all this it seems if I really want to break into the journalism world then I need my sister to marry a Prince. William is off the market so it looks like she is going to have to settle for Harry, otherwise she will forever have it on her conscience that I did not get to write a fortnightly column for Waitrose (or Iceland, I’m not fussy) or become a contributing editor for Vanity Fair, because she did not manage to get Harry to put a ring on it.


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