All Bright Precious Things Fade So Fast.

So last night I was in bed watching The Great Gatsby on a completely legal website which got me thinking about my second year at university. The Great Gatsby has always been one of my favourite books, and the last page is one of my favourite endings to a book and yesterday I realised that the theme of attempting to stop/erase time which is prevalent in the book and film is something which has been very applicable to my second year.

There is a scene in the film where Leonardo Dicapario (who plays Gatsby) breaks the clock in Nick’s room which symbolises his desire to stop time completely. During my second year at university there have been many times I’ve wished I could just pause, or somehow break time, because the end of my second year signifies the end of my time at university with certain people. Some people have gone on placement and others have graduated, but everyone has gone off onto their next great adventure. It is one of saddest feelings in the world to know that the people who have seen you grow and change quite dramatically won’t be at the other side of campus, and you won’t be able to run across to their place anymore, because they are gone.

Of course, the sadness is overwhelming, but I think back to a year ago when I’d just finished my first year and I think to now and I’m astounded by how much has changed. Friendships that were only fledgling at the end of my first year have been firmly cemented and new friends have entered my life alongside the ones who were there in the beginning. Then there’s the fact that this time last year I was preparing to go spend a month writing at the Edinburgh Fringe, and this year I’m preparing to spend two weeks in London with The Guardian. I said that I wanted to spend this summer in London, and I actually got my wish.

The Great Gatsby is right when it says ”All bright precious things fade so fast”, because the last two years have been very precious, and they have faded so fast. However, it is wrong when it says that ”they don’t come back”. The memories that I have collected over the past two years aren’t leaving because they are always with me and I’ll never forget them. I’m sad that things are going to be so different next year, but I’m moving my stuff into my new house tomorrow which signifies the final countdown. A mere eleven months till I leave education forever and start my next adventure, and I’m sure between then and now there will many more crazy memories packed into it. But thank you to everyone who’s made the last two years a real blast, the pleasure and privilege has been all mine.


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