Some reasons why I’m for same sex marriage.

I know this is an issue which is currently dividing people, and is incredibly emotive for some, but I was told the other day ”blogging is supposed to provoke debate and opinion” because ”otherwise what’s the point?”. Now, let’s be honest, this blog rarely provokes debate but recently I’ve been making more of an effort to engage in current affairs and social issues and I’ve decided to try and include more posts which discuss more ”serious” topics alongside the usual posts which are humorous if bordering on absurd.

Today I’ve been thinking about gay marriage, and I am pro gay marriage. I have seen various arguments against gay marriage, but none of them have persuaded me to join the other side. Here are the reasons why I’m for Gay marriage:

1) Marriage in itself is ”unnatural”

One of the biggest arguments I have seen against gay marriage is that it is ”unnatural” because marriage is a union between a man and woman. However, marriage itself is a concept which has been created by society and thus is man made and arguably ”unnatural” as well. People argue homosexuality is unnatural but it is in fact found in a lot of species besides humans, and as far as we are aware homophobia is only found in humans. Of course, just because someone is against gay marriage does not automatically mean that they are homophobic, but I’m simply using it to illustrate the point that the natural/unnatural argument is not black and white.

2) Some gays would like their relationship recognized in the eyes of God.

Some gay people are religious, and they would like their union recognized in the eyes of God. Should we really prevent people from having their union blessed by God? Some of you may know that I am a theist but completely non religious, but I can appreciate that some people are and that the ceremony of marriage is very precious to them, be they straight or gay.

Of course, this opens up the debate of whether priests etc who are against gay marriage should have to perform these ceremonies. However, one thing I have learned at university is that whilst some people classify themselves as Christians, Muslims etc etc, they don’t follow their religion word for word. Some have had sex before marriage, some drink etc etc, and all of this goes against their teachings, but it demonstrates how much more relaxed some religious people are becoming. This is a point in which there is no straight answer and will cause a lot of debate, but I don’t see why a religious gay couple can’t have their union blessed by God.

3) Not everyone will support it, ever.

One of the more ridiculous arguments I have seen is that gay marriage will ”hurt people’s feelings”. Any social issue whether it be gay marriage or abortion is going to hurt someone’s feelings, so I don’t really see how this argument is valid. Many people opposed the civil rights bill of 1964, and I’m sure there are some people who would love to see slavery reinstated, but civil rights bill of 1964 was passed and slavery was abolished because enough people believed it was the right thing to do.

Of course, the issue of gay marriage is not comparable to slavery, but both issues involve a group of people trying to be seen as equals as one way or another. Abolishing slavery was about getting Black people to be seen as actual humans and not property, and gay marriage is about gay couples getting their union to be seen as equal in the eyes of God. 


3 thoughts on “Some reasons why I’m for same sex marriage.

  1. Very well put
    i am also pro gay marriage & being in a 3rd world country(Kenya, Africa) .. it will take us very long to accept gay people let alone legalize gay marriages

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