Signs exam season is coming.

1) People start getting a wild look in their eye.

How I'm starting to look.

How I’m starting to look.

When exams and coursework are due in people start walking around with a look that can only be described as ”hunted”. I realised that I possessed this rabbit in the headlight  look  when walkingto my seminar when I realised that I needed to go lock myself in my room as soon as it was over and finish my essay due in on Friday prior to starting planning my next four essays.As if my stress levels weren’t high enough, I looked on Facebook before heading to my seminar to see my friend had posted a status about being on the fourth draft of her essay, whilst another text me saying she wouldn’t be in the seminar because she was going to do some essay writing. It was only yesterday I finally decided what questions I’m going to do – HELP!

2) Energy drinks in shops become more elusive than water in the sahara.

The face students pull when they see the shop has run out of energy drinks.

The face students pull when they see the shop has run out of energy drinks.

A few weeks ago I walked into Home Bargains at 11:00am on a Friday morning, and they were ALL out of spirits. This has no changed, and it is Redbull, not Smirnoff who will be experiencing a spike in their sales due to some students i.e me not leaving themselves enough time to reserach, plan and write their coursework. I think the workload most students are currently facing can be summed up by my friend after she had told me about all the work she has to complete by the end of this month ”Oh my God!”. Indeed.

3) Nobody goes out.

The union on a Friday for the next month.

The union on a Friday for the next month.

This bank holiday weekend was arguably the last chance for students to laze around eating too much food and drinking too much alcohol before the cold hard reality of exams sets in. Everybody says that all students do is drink, and that is a complete and utter lie. All we do is drink until a month before exams and then suddenly it’s like you’ve been cast as a squib into Harry Potter because it seems like everybody has disapparated and you’re on your own. I even joked to my friend about going out last night, and she took me seriously and told me to ”get a grip”. Wow.

4) People start going to the library.

The library on a Friday for the next month.

The library on a Friday for the next month.

You know things are getting serious and that exam season really is approaching when people start ”Going to the library”. I personally only start working in the library two weeks before a deadline, and even then I sit on the non silent floor because I’m always scared about making people angry in case I play the music on my ipod too loudly or I start annoying them when I ‘m constantly getting up and down in search of books that are never on the shelf they should be because some people have the inability to read the number on the book and put it back in it’s rightful place.


5) You start fantasizing about dropping out.

What I think of becoming.

What I think of becoming.

I love my course, but by the time it gets to May I’m often dreaming of dropping out of uni and fulfilling my lifelong ( year long dream) of becoming a hippy and going travelling. You forget about all the good times you have had at university and start focusing on the fact you have a mountain of coursework in front of you and you have no idea how you are going to get it all done (Well, you do; it’s with the aid of all nighters and energy drinks).


5 thoughts on “Signs exam season is coming.

  1. Don’t stress. I’m sure its crazy hard over there, and I don’t know what UK unis are compared to the US. But one lesson I did learn in my junior year was that as long as I didn’t skip class, and took good notes, everything, AND I MEAN EVERYTHING that was on any exam was always ALWAYS covered in class. At that point, I stopped reading most of my textbooks, always went to class, and always coasted through my exams. I’m guessing at least some of your classes are structured that way too. Just read your notes. don’t bother with the text unles you have to, and you’ll still be all right.

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