Chris Brown has been vilified, but what about the rest of them?

Let me start this post by saying that from what I know/seen of Chris Brown I don’t particularly like. I think he’s just another pop star who received too much too young. I don’t particularly like his music, and I think he has anger issues. I don’t particularly like Rihanna anymore either, but I see a lot of people commenting on their relationship which has led me to write this blog post.

We are all aware of the fact that back in 2009 Chris assaulted Rihanna. The pictures of her face after the assault were leaked onto the internet which I thought was pretty disgusting. I don’t remember the exact details of what happened but I’m pretty sure he punched and bit her after an argument escalated. 

Now after everybody found out about the assault Chris Brown was condemned, dropped from a lot of the campaigns he was the face of and was ditched by Rihanna. Nobody can justify what he has done and he certainly hasn’t helped himself over the past four years by having foul mouthed rants at people on Twitter, getting into fights with Drake and having that awful tattoo on his neck which looks like a woman’s beaten face. 

The public are well within their rights to think Chris Brown has severe anger issues that he needs help with and are also well thin their rights not to forgive him even if Rihanna has. However, one issue I have with the vilification of Chris Brown is why aren’t all the other males of Hollywood who have been perpetrators of domestic violence been vilified in the same way.

Charlie Sheen has history of domestic violence which his ex wife Brooke has spoken out about.  I also think we can all agree that, just like Chris Brown,  Charlie Sheen hasn’t exactly behaved like an angel in recent years either. It was only a couple of years ago that Sheen had two porn stars move in with him, was going on drug benders and was rambling on about tiger blood and winning.

Then there is Tommy Lee, the drummer of Motely Crue who also has a history of domestic violence. Pamela Anderson was once reportedly holding their one year old child when he was being violent against her. Then there is Sean Penn who also has a history of violence, and recently attacked a photographer. 

My point is that yes Chris Brown did something disgusting, but so did the men above and they aren’t vilified in the same way as Chris Brown is. Why Chris Brown has been vilified so much is open for discussion. Some say it’s because he is black, and that could be a factor, but there is also the fact that the pictures of Rihanna’s beaten face were leaked onto the internet for all of us to see, so we actually saw the effects of Chris Brown’s anger for ourselves. 

Regardless, I think it’s important for people to start thinking before they lay into Chris Brown. Whether he deserves a career after the incident is up for debate, but if you say that then surely Charlie Sheen didn’t deserve to be a star of a hugely successful sitcom after his history of domestic violence?

And lastly, to those people who say that Rihanna shouldn’t complain if Chris Brown beats her again, or that she’ll get no sympathy, that’s a pretty disgusting thing to say. Many women go back to a man who has beaten them; some go on to have successful relationships and others go through another cycle of violence. Regardless, Rihanna isn’t the first woman to go back to a man who has beaten her; nor will she be the last, but comments like that are what make women who are in abusive relationships stay in them.


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