How Lent has (potentially) ruined my body.

Now you are all probably aware that I gave up alcohol for Lent and then went an extra month without it which is the longest I’ve not drank alcohol since I turned eighteen. I started drinking again when I came back to university, and I thought you may like a little account about how the last two weeks have been for me:

Hey Ewe

I was meant to stay in till the first Friday back, but somehow I was convinced to go out on Wednesday to Hey Ewe. Now I bought a bottle of Lambrini for pre drinks because I thought ”After two months off the horse, I need to get back into it nice and slowly”. Not even a quarter of a way into my cherry Lambrini and my eyes had all but disappeared and I was howling with laughter at things which weren’t even funny, bearing in mind that cherry Lambrini is only 5% alcohol, I think there’s more alcohol in a Christmas pudding.

In the union I had two jaeger bombs and two vodka and cokes, and by the time I got home at 2:00 am my room was spinning so much that I thought someone had kidnapped me and strapped me into a waltzer instead of my bed. If this wasn’t bad enough, the next morning I woke up and it felt I had been hit by a bus. I somehow made it to the library that afternoon and just sat with my head in my hands hating life whilst my friend stayed in bed all day because she was ”ill” and not because she was hungover.


So Friday night comes and I’m scared. I’ve decided to pre drink on vodka but I’m still wounded from the hangover that lasted all day the day before and saw me take six ibuprofen and go and sit in the shower three times with my head in my hands.

The result? I have a decent night and wake up on Saturday morning feeling as fresh as a daisy. Is it because I still have alcohol in my body from Wednesday, or is my tolerance for vodka so strong that not even two months off it can diminish it.


Two nights out in a row is definitely not the one when you hit twenty, but it was my friend’s birthday so I felt obliged. Whilst I was practically skipping everywhere on Saturday, my friend was in the grips of a hangover sent straight from the devil himself.

Despite our different states, both of us had one glass of Long Island Ice Tea and were practically rolling on the floor. Although this may be down to the fact that the person who made the Long Island Ice Teas is more liberal with her measurements of shots than a stripper is with her clothes. However, just like Friday night, I had a good night and woke up feeling relatively fresh the next day, and this led to me questioning whether it was worth me doing Lent after all. I mean if I could do three nights out in one week after not drinking for two months, then what was the point?


After staying in all week doing work and preparing for three separate interviews, I decided to go out on Saturday to a circus themed social and let my hair down. I wasn’t entirely sure how the night was going to go, but I had a good idea when a woman called Honey walked in with a whip and said ”When I say slut drop I expect you to DROP!” before cracking her whip.

The social provided punch, and I had two medium sized glasses before leaving for the club and that was more than enough. In fact, I had to have a glass of water after the first one because things were starting to become hazy then.

We made our way to Rain which was half empty, but for some reason i thought it would be a great idea to encourage everyone to get on the podium and start dancing like we were getting paid for it. I had one vodka and mixer in there and some of the treasurer chest and by that point I was at the point of no return.

We then made our way to Echos and I had one Carling and the next thing I knew I was dancing on a podium with some girls going ”WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!”. I don’t know if I obeyed Honey’s command to slut drop but it still hurts to walk, sit down and bend so I definitely must been pulling some impressive moves that night. The whole night feels like I was Alice and went down the rabbit hole into wonderland, which is making me think that Lent has royally messed up my body. I only had around five drinks in total all night and I was falling apart by the seams compared to the previous week where I drank much more.

After two months off alcohol and suddenly jumping straight into the deep end, it doesn’t know whether it’s coming or going! If you’re ever thinking of jumping off the bandwagon, think long and hard when it comes to jumping back 


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