Music Artists That I’m disappointed with.

They say that in an economic downturn occurs that music gets better. Well, our economic climate has been less than desirable for a while now, but I’m still waiting for great music to appear as a result. 

It’s worth pointing out that I am not aiming this post at chart music, because I think we all enjoy chart music, but we appreciate it for what it is, and that is simply music that is easy to sing along to and easy to dance to at 1:00am on a Saturday morning in some dark nightclub after too many shots of sambuca. Where I usually look for great, profound music is in the rock/alternative genre, and it has let me down greatly in the last couple of years; most of the bands I used to like are becoming a bigger mess than Lindsay Lohan. If you don’t believe me then look a what has occurred in he world of rock in the last year: My Chemical Romance broke up, Fall Out Boy got back together, Ian Watkins is potentially a pedophile and Billie Joe had a breakdown on stage and got sent to rehab. However, in the interest of appealing to a wider audience I have included some artists who frequently make an appearance in the UK top 40.

1) Beyonce

The face Beyonce pulls when you don't bow down.

The face Beyonce pulls when you don’t bow down.

Nobody is disputing the fact that Beyonce is extremely talented, but this year people have started thinking that she’s lost the plot. First everyone got upset because she did a really racy shoot with GQ. Then some people got mad when she performed at the superbowl because she only performed with Destiny’s Child for thirty seconds, so some people started saying that she was making it the Beyonce show, and I just thought ”Well, duh, it was advertised as BEYONCE performing at the Superbowl, not Destiny’s Child”.

Anyway, I only really started to become disappointed with Beyonce when she released a teaser clip of a song called ”Bow Down” which has the lyrics

”I know when you were little girls
You dreamt of being in my world
Don’t forget it, don’t forget it
Respect that, bow down, b-tches”

Now I’m not a huge fan of Beyonce, because even though she’s talented, some of her music is quite bland. However, I’ve always had respect for her for trying to empower women. So I’m a bit confused about how she’s gone from Independent Women and telling girls to get him to ”put a ring on it” to calling women bitches and telling them to ”bow down”. What kind of sense does that make? I think Beyonce may be going through a bit of an identity crisis, but either way she just needs to sit down and reconsider what she’s doing.

2) Green Day

How many copies Green Day's last album sold.

How many copies Green Day’s last album sold.

Now, anybody who knows me knows that I have been a dedicated Green Day fan. I’ve praised them to high heaven. Even if you don’t like Green Day, you can’t say that they haven’t grown in the last twenty years, because they have gone from singing songs about wanking and smoking weed to writing rock operas which commented on society and politics. So when Green Day announced last year that they were releasing THREE albums, I was pretty excited; I assumed it was going to be a three part rock opera classic.

However, Billie Joe and his merry men decided to throw their toys out of the pram by claiming that they didn’t want to be a political band, and released three albums which were about….I don’t even know what because all the songs began blending into one when I listened to the albums. You can’t go from writing two rock operas that comment on society and then throw a tantrum and say ”No, I don’t want to do that anymore”. It’s like David Cameron just walking into a conference wearing a beanie and flip flops whilst smoking a joint and saying ”I’ve decided I don’t want to be Prime Minister anymore, I want to follow my school boy dream of becoming a Rastafarian” – you just can’t do it.

3) Fall Out Boy

What Fall Out Boy should have done with their last two albums.

What Fall Out Boy should have done with their last two albums.

I’m not trying to be mean, but did anybody REALLY care when Fall Out Boy went on a hiatus a few years ago? I mean their last album Folie a Duex was dire. I only liked two songs on the entire album and neither of them were released as singles. Before that was Infinity On High, which was ok, but they’d started to go from pop punk to just pop and had lost their grittiness.

Then earlier this year they released the single ”My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark” which is alright, and it has the obligatory big ”Lighter in the air” chorus, but so many other bands have done i better. Then they released ”The Phoenix” which again, is ok, but it is so similar to other songs that they have done; none of it screams out to me ”WE’RE BACK AND BETTER THAN EVER!!!!”, just ”We’re back doing what we used to do”.

In fact, the only good thing I can say about them reforming is that Patrick is getting more recognition, because before it was just the Pete Wentz show because to all adolescent girls (myself included) he was the best looking one in the band.

4) Pitbull

A man who admits to being a label flop should not be taken seriously.

A man who admits to being a label flop should not be taken seriously.

Some people are confused about why I’m disappointed with ”Mr Worldwide”, because ”He’s just been on the same level of shit as when he started’. I’m disappointed in Pitbull because he started taking himself seriously; his first song was called ”I know you want me” which had lyrics like ”Label flop but Pit won’t stop” and the music video consisted of him being surrounded by lots of Brazilian girls in bikinis. He reminded me of a Brazilian version of Shaggy, but just not as good. However, I liked Pitbull because he clearly wasn’t taking himself seriously.

Fast forward a couple of years and he’s collaborating with everyone from Neyo to J-Lo. I’m impressed Pitbull’s career has sky rocketed like it has, but at the same time I still think of him as the middle ages guy in a club trying to grind on you and all your friends. It’s amusing but tragic at the same time.


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