Fashion trends I am tired of seeing.

I’ve been called many things during my short time on earth: funny (debatable), wild (occasionally), outrageous (sometimes) and crude (probably more true than I care to admit), but fashion forward is not one of them. That’s not to say that I walk around looking like I got dressed in the dark (very often), but I’ll happily admit that there are days when the most effort I make is putting on hoody and leggings (this usually happens when essays are due in and I have given up on life) and there are days when I forgo the eyeliner even though my friend has told me I looked stoned without it, but even I, someone who would make Anna Wintour have an emotional meltdown, have the right to comment on some of these disasters:

1) Fur

What you deserve if you wear fur (at the very least).

What you deserve if you wear fur (at the very least).

It was in the news recently that the sales of fur clothing have tripled this year, and this came shortly after I read an article about women attending the races at Cheltnham in ridiculously overpriced fur clothing (think over two grand for a mink coat). Now, I have one thing to say to people who think it is ok to wrap themselves up in fur that has been literally ripped off the back of a living animal: go play in traffic. Anybody who wears real fur deserves every bit of flour tomato and rotten piece of food that gets flung their way from enraged PETA protestors, as far as I’m concerned. There is no reason to wear real fur, the fake stuff is just as good and it has the added bonus of not being acquired through extreme cruelty. I know some people will start raising the issue of using cow’s skin as leather, but the fact is cows are primarily killed for food and the leather is a byproduct. We don’t skin cows alive so people with too much money and no sense can flounce around the races looking like a twat.

2) Onesies outside of the house.



I don’t own a onesie, but I can appreciate that in this cold country, wearing a one piece that makes you feel like you are being hugged is a Godsend. However, I think that this items should be restricted to the insides of homes only. I can understand that someone may want to nip to the corner shop, and getting changed is too much of a hassle, but walking around campus and going to your lectures in a onesie is too much. I have even witnessed one boy strutting to the library in a onesie and flip flops like it was the most natural thing in the world, but in reality it baffled me, because onesies are meant to keep you warm, so why wear flip flops? Isn’t that just defeating the whole purpose of a onesie? Which brings me to my next point….

3) Flip flops and shorts in winter.

Proof that there's something in the Loughborough water that makes your I.Q drop.

Proof that there’s something in the Loughborough water that makes your I.Q drop.

If you live in Loughborough, you will know that the male population like to walk about in their shorts and flip flops in sun, rain or snow. England could be experiencing blizzards sent straight from the Arctic, but you can guarantee that you will see one simple minded male walking around in shorts and flip flops with toes that are slowly going black from frostbite.

I have asked why the males of Loughborough do this, and I only got ”Because they play sports” which didn’t really answer my question.I guess it’s a fashion statement, but it’s still a pretty stupid one.

4) The ”Geek” tops.

If you didn't spend five years of your teens looking like her, then you are not a ''Geek''.

If you didn’t spend five years of your teens looking like her, then you are not a ”Geek”.

I remember a few months back, I saw a top with the word ”Loser” across it, and I thought ”Oh, that’s cool, I may buy that at some point”. Fast forward a couple of weeks later, and suddenly every girl was a ”Loser”, ”Geek” or ”Dweeb”.. I will admit at this point, that I have a ”Geek” top, and it killed me buying it, but my reasoning was that since I was a Geek all the way through school and college (and still am, to an extent) that I was allowed.

No offence, but the vast majority of girls I have seen wearing such tops were the girls who were LAUGHING at the geeks a few years back. Come back when you have spent five years making Gretchen from Recess look like a beauty queen, dears.

Leggings worn as trousers

Admittedly, with a derriere like that, my leggings would be see through too

Admittedly, with a derriere like that, my leggings would be see through too

I was walking through campus a few weeks back, casually making my way to my seminar, when I almost got run over by the sprint bus because I was too busy gawping at some girl strutted past in a pair of leggings do thin that I could see what she had had for breakfast, and not just here bright pink thong.

At this point, would like to clarify that this was a “Why aren’t you wearing a long top?” gwap than a “Wow, she’s hot!” (Although, she was pretty) gwap. I know some males like this trend because it allows them to perv over a girl’s bum, but that’s why God created bodycons. If you are wearing leggings as trousers, then ensure that said leggings are reasonably thick so I don’t get hit by the sprint bus and you can keep what underwear you are wearing a secret.


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