Things that are annoying about Facebook.

I think I’ve mentioned before that whilst I do like Facebook, it is really annoying at times, and recently there seems to be more irritants, thanks to Mark Zuckerberger and his cronies deciding to make pointless changes all the time. Now, I know I have opened myself up for attack here because some of you will have the response ”All those links you keep sharing”, and that is fair enough, but the links I share on Facebook are always shared with the intent to inform or entertain; which I hope makes a nice change from photos of Friday night being uploaded. Anyway, here are some of the things I find annoying on Facebook:


1) Instagram being synced in.

Instagram: not for the vain, at all.

Instagram: not for the vain, at all.

I don’t own an instagram and hopefully I never will, because all it seems to be about is people taking photos of themselves or food. Now, I am not against people taking photos of themselves (selfies), because I understand that you may look particularly good that day/night and want to capture the moment. I can even understand if you have it synced into Facebook if you don’t use it that often and thus aren’t going to be clogging up people’s newsfeeds.

Some people, however, take around ten selfies a day and have their damn instagram synced into Facebook, so your newsfeed is clogged up with one person’s face, day in and day out. It has gotten to the point where I know more about some other people’s faces than I do my own. We get it, you’re very good looking, but we don’t need multiple, daily reminders about it. If people want to follow you on Instacrap then they will, we don’t need ten pictures a day to encourage us. 

2) The Hashtag on Facebook.

The Hashtag on Facebook: not even deserving of a witty caption.

The Hashtag on Facebook: not even deserving of a witty caption.

I have written about the use of the hashtag on Facebook before, and it is something that still continues live. The hashtag belongs on Twitter because on Twitter, it turns blue and you can click on it and be linked into all the people who are talking about the same thing.I mean, people who use excessive hashtags are sometimes called annoying, but at least they are on the correct social networking site. On Facebook, it serves no purpose, and it needs to stop.

3) The fact people know when you have seen their message.

Facebook: Making the lives of stalkers easier.

Facebook: Making the lives of stalkers easier.

Don’t you miss the days where you could read a message from someone, and then ignore it and act like you hadn’t seen it if you couldn’t be bothered to talk to them? Now, thanks to Zuckerberg, we can’t ignore such messages because it says ”Blah blah has seen this”, so you can’t really ignore them unless you’re a bit of a bitch. I know Facebook has always been a bit dodgy when it comes to privacy, but I would quite like to the retain the right to ignore messages until I can be bothered to respond to them, and not have the person who messaged me informed of when I have seen the message.  

4)Things cropping up on my newsfeed that don’t concern me 

Me when I see stuff that doesn't concern me.

Me when I see stuff that doesn’t concern me.

I remember one time I looked on my newsfeed and I saw ”blah blah commented on a post by blah blah”; basically, one of my friends had commented on a post someone had posted on their timeline by a friend who I wasn’t even friends with! I know Facebook is a great way to stalk people, but if something doesn’t concern me then I don’t give two hoots about what other people are doing. Does that make me self-absorbed? Oh well, I’d rather be self absorbed than a stalker. especially if it concerns someone I don’t even know. It’s like Facebook WANTS to create an army of stalkers, and I’m not playing ball, I’m only concerned with statueses I can like and sharing as many links as possible without pissing people off.

5) Mothers posting their entires baby’s life on Facebook.

Standard girl from Sheffield.

Standard girl from Sheffield.

In terms of not having a child before twenty, I am in a minority when it comes to my school. Now, young mothers do get a certain amount of respect from me, because I know for a fact that I could not handle looking after a baby; I’m only just about managing to look after myself. However, whilst I’m happy to see women/girls loving their babies and doting on them, I don’t need a blow by blow account of their babies life right down to their bowel movements. Occasional updates are fine, but when giving hourly updates are annoying, and it makes me wonder how they find the time to look after their baby when they are giving updates every couple of minutes about how their baby dribbled.


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