Let’s talk about Hey Ewe.

If you’re not from the Loughborough area then this post may be a bit difficult for you to understand, but I’ll do my best to make this as inclusive as possible

If you are a student in Loughborough then it’s nigh impossible that you haven’t been made aware of the fact that Hey Ewe is being relaunched, and I’ve heard that the reason for this is because the union is losing money on it. Now, at the beginning of the year the price of Hey Ewe was put down from its usual price of £3.60 to £2.50 or £3.00 (I can’t remember, because Hey Ewe is irrelevant to me), and this still failed to get enough people going.

Now this semester Hey Ewe has been relaunched, and believe me, I’ve been made abloodyware of it; everytime I look in my inbox I see emails telling me about Hey Ewe’s ”2 4 1 drinks!” and on Saturday morning I awoke to find that someone had slapped a wristband around me which said ”Hey Ewe 2 4 1 drinks!” as I’d been entering FND. I thought I’d escape this on Twitter, but no, Loughborough Entertainment’s twitter page has been spamming my newsfeed with Hey Ewe, and as my friend rightly said, it reeks of desperation.

To the people in charge of this relaunch, let me tell you something: I am not going to Hey Ewe. I’m not going to Hey Ewe because I have a 10:00 am the next day and I don’t think turning up reeking of booze will help me in succeeding in my degree. I’m not going to Hey Ewe because if I wanted a VIP table then I would go to Revs where I have the added bonus of not being harassed by some member of the AU who thinks he is God’s gift to women. I’m not going to Hey Ewe as I have free entry to Stupid Tuesday where I can get one pound shots, and I don’t have to walk to the bar and fear that I won’t return to my friends because some primitive male has dragged me back to his lair by my hair.

Which brings me to my next point, the atmosphere at Hey Ewe is absolutely shocking. I mean, I know most nights out are a bit of a meat market, but Hey Ewe is on a completely different level, you can feel yourself getting sized up from the moment you enter the Union. I mean, if you want to get laid then it’s great, but all I want to do is go out with my friends and let my hair down after a hard week of six hours of lectures. 

Saying that, I sincerely hope that the relaunch is successful, but I still won’t go to Hey Ewe, and I don’t need multiple emails telling me ”2 4 1 drinks!” or VIP areas because I still won’t go, it’s just like how I don’t go to Rain and it’s because it’s simply because I don’t like it. So please, whoever is in charge of this relaunch, stop spamming my inbox, stop the excessive tweets and stop slapping wristbands on me when I’ve had a couple of drinks and am therefore a bit vulnerable. We get it, Hey Ewe is being relaunched, but we don’t need it rammed in our faces.


2 thoughts on “Let’s talk about Hey Ewe.

  1. Clearly you aren’t in a sports team or part of any socials. Get a grip. Six hours of lectures? Your art degree isn’t worth getting anyway

    • Actually I’d say that I’m pretty involved in Loughborough, from societies to writing for The Epinal etc. This is my own blog broadcasting my own opinion about Hey Ewe but I appreciate that some people do enjoy it, but the fact it is being rammed down people’s throats is unavoidable.

      As for my worthless Arts degree, it’s actually humanities but I’m aware of the fact that I have low job prospects which is why I have thrown myself at every opportunity that comes my way from writing to student publications to spending a month in Edinburgh writing for the Fringe. In fact, I’ve worked so hard on this blog that it got featured on WordPress’ homepage, so yes, my degree may be worthless but I’m working hard to ensure it isn’t 🙂 Thanks for your comment though! x

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