Why next week will be one of the worst weeks of my life.

After my two weeks off where I didn’t even party that hard, and spent most of my time doing nothing productive, I’ve finally begun semester two. However, whilst I have some very interesting modules this semester it’s not been going that well for me, or a few other people. It was just last night that my friend admitted that after messaging me about the fact she’d messed up her loom in weave, and had to redo it, that the reality of it hit her and she had a good cry. I myself started crying when my friend simply asked me if I wanted to go on a Pilgrimage before pulling myself together and going to my seminar.

Of course, this could all be attributed to hormones, finally saying farewell to January which is always the worst month of the year. However, just as my friend and I began to start having a laugh (after me not laughing for over a week) we realised that the week beginning 10th February 2013 was going to see our lives become, at least, marginally worse. Why, you ask? Because next week sees lent begin where we both have vowed to give up alcohol, and then two days later see Valentines day thrust upon us.

As my friend said ”It’s like being shot twice with the same gun”, and it honestly does feel like taking a bullet. Giving up alcohol is something I’m looking forward to because I’m going to be happy to be that person who remembers everything and can smugly remind everybody the next morning. However, since both me and my friend are single (unless anyone fancies taking me on a date next week) we’ll be having a romantic candlelit dinner for two, but since we’re abstaining from alcohol it’ll be accompanied by a bottle of non alcoholic wine. It’s not really the same thing, is it? 

I’m not particularly bothered about Valentine’s day either way (dismissing the fact that I threatened to burn down some Valentine’s day lights last night) but it would have been nice to open a bottle of wine and get a little raucous before watching a film and then potentially having a spoon (no homo).

No, I’ve been attempting to be the optimist by saying that things will improve, but by the looks of things I’ll have to accept defeat for this week, and start saying it next week. Although, I’m debating not saying anything at all, after all, I don’t want it to be a case of ”famous last words”. I guess what I’m saying is; pray for me. 


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