How to stay positive.

It’s 7:00 am on a Sunday morning, and if I had it my way then I’d be asleep, but unfortunately I’ve had too many energy drinks and not only am I twitching like I’ve got withdrawal symptoms from Heroin but I think I began hallucinating, so I decided to blog. I started the year with my head in a bucket throwing up from the Norovirus, and I remember thinking ”I hope 2013 gets better, because it can’t get much worse”, well it’s definitely a case of famous last words because right now if someone told me to go play in traffic I’d be on the M1 with a skipping rope, but fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on who you are) I’ve got a few things I’m clinging onto that I’m remembering to try and stay positive and here’s how to remain positive:

1) Get out of bed.



It sounds easy, but my bed has seen more of me in the past few days than it’s ever seen in its life. Friday I went to bed at 6:00 am and didn’t crawl out of it till 6:00pm (thanks DBE) when I went to wash the blood and mud off my legs (don’t ask). After a bad reaction to jaegerbombs on Friday I decided on Saturday,instead of doing anything productive that I was going to lay in my bed twitching (energy drinks do not go well with me) in a pit of misery so deep that a crane would have been needed to lift me out of. However, whilst it’s easy to lay in bed feeling sorry for yourself, nothing good results from it so it’s worth at least making sure you’re vertical.

2) Get out.

Me on Saturday.

Me on Saturday.

On Saturday I woke up and decided that I’d leave all my technological items at home and go for a walk to Beacon Hill. That was my plan anyway but I managed to walk for ten minutes before the multiple jaegerbombs from the night before came back to haunt me and I began getting the twitching so much that I looked like a junkie ( before you ask, no it was not a withdrawal symptom from my phone), i actually looked like i was having a fit, so I crawled back to my bed with my tail between my legs. My point still stands though: getting out and going for a walk is a good chance to clear your head, and it’s much healthier than lying in a pit of misery.

3) Find an animal.

How many cats I'm currently in need of.

How many cats I’m currently in need of.

One of the things I miss at uni is not having any pets. I remember when I went home for Christmas, and I felt low for the first couple of days simply because I’d gone out for four days in a row to celebrate the end of term, and my cats came and slept with me and I felt better. Tomorrow (or today) I’m going to attempt Beacon Hill again and go look for horses, because whenever I was upset when I was younger my horse used to put his head on my shoulder and I’d whisper everything that was upsetting me into his ear.

4) Talk to someone

What I was talking to on Saturday.

What I was talking to on Saturday.

I’m one of those people who bottles everything up, and then releases everything and my friend had the absolute pleasure of me knocking on his door at 5:00 am on Saturday when I decided I didn’t want to be on my own as I wanted to talk . Sometimes people don’t have the right words (my friend didn’t, he lay sprawled face down in bed whilst I talked) but you always feel better after talking to someone, even if they can’t help you.

5) Keep the faith

We all need to believe what Nas says.

We all need to believe what Nas says.

A fact of life is that there is always going to be highs and lows. The last time I had a real low point in my life was in March last year when I genuinely believed I’d never be happy again. It’s easy to get sucked up into a hole of negativity but what I learnt to do is ask myself ”Will this still affect me in six months time?”, and that helps put things in perspective. Now all I need is someone to remind me to do this.


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