Things I’ve considered giving up for lent.

January is a month that I’ve never enjoyed, and this year has been no exception, but just as I was convincing myself that ”The only way is up!” I was reminded about lent, which begins on the 12th of Febuary – damn. Lent did not go well for me last year; I broke it three days in. However, this year I am determined to see it through, so much so that I’m considering giving up TWO things; one has the code name ”FFF” (long story) but the second one has been a little harder to decide on, and here are the things I have considered giving up:


1) Junk Food


What accompanies me when I watch Sex and the City.

What accompanies me when I watch Sex and the City.

I’m pretty sure that this is what most people give up for lent, and it’s one of those things that I’d arrogantly think i could manage until I’m having one of those days where all I want to do is sit in bed wearing my hoody, watching an old episode of Sex and the City whilst eating a twirl. Sure, I could still do that, but I’d have to replace the Twirl with an Apple, and whilst I love Apples, it wouldn’t be nearly as satisfying. However, giving up junk food is still what I’m most likely to give up, but I will spend most of lent looking for a non junk food chocolate substitute.


2) Alcohol

Alcoholics Anonymous: What I would consider joining if I couldn't do 40 days without alcohol.

Alcoholics Anonymous: What I would consider joining if I couldn’t do 40 days without alcohol.

I suggested to my friend that she give up alcohol for lent and she said ”Do not be stupid Zoe, I am not giving up alcohol!” which suggests we may have an alcoholic on our hands, but in fairness I felt a bit horrified myself when I considered giving up alcohol. Unfortunately, due to our culture, alcohol is a big part of people’s social lives and if you are friends with quite a few party animals like myself then giving up alcohol is like social suicide. Of course, I could try doing nights out sober, and in fairness I may try it, but the jury is still out on this one.


3) Make -up

How I'd overcome not wearing make-up.

How I’d overcome not wearing make-up.

I considered giving up make-up, but then I realised it wouldn’t be THAT much of a challenge because I don’t wear a lot of (if any) make-up on a day to day basis; this isn’t because I have this misconception that I’m a natural beauty who can pull it off, it’s simply because my skin hates it if I do. Also, because I only have six hours a week on my timetable, it seems pretty pointless to start piling on the foundation when I’m going to be in a seminar which some films last longer than. Ultimately, I’d only really miss make-up for nights out, or at any time where a camera is in the room, and I can easily overcome that problem by putting a plastic bag over my head.

4) Naps.

How I sleep.

How I sleep.

Having two weeks off has had some terrible side effects, and one of those things has been seeing my sleep pattern disintegrate. Last night I fell asleep at eleven, and woke up at 4:00 am, and it’s likely I’ll have to have a ninety minute power nap later today when I start feeling tired again. However, generally my sleep pattern is pretty bad anyway because I suffer from insomnia, so I usually end up falling asleep for an hour in the afternoon so giving up naps would be a huge challenge for me, but it could potentially help me sleep easier at night.

5) Facebook/Twitter

A shit storm: guaranteed to hit Facebook daily.

A shit storm: guaranteed to hit Facebook daily.

As much as I enjoy Twitter, I don’t think giving it up for lent would be a HUGE challenge for me as I’m not what you would call a Twitter addict. I’d even happily give up Facebook for forty days, because as I’ve said before, I enjoy Facebook but it’s the cause of so much trouble that it’s not even funny. However, a lot of people contact me through Facebook due to me being on committees so it’s likely I’d irritate a few people if I disappeared off it for forty days. There’s also the fact that Facebook is the one place where my family can see I’m still alive and not dead in a ditch if I’m being a little bit lazy on the texting/calling front, so whilst Facebook is a definite contender, I’ll have to give it some more consideration.


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