Jodie Pearson Birt: How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

This is the first time I’ve done an ”appreciation” post of someone, and I’ve never really wanted to because I don’t want my friends to think ”Oh, how come so and so gets one, but I don’t”, because I love all my friends equally, but there are times when someone goes above and beyond their duties as a friend, and Jodie has done this in particular in the past week. So here’s why Jodie gets an appreciation post. love ya Jodes:






1) Her door is always open

A good friend will always be there for you, and Jodie has definitely been there for me, especially for the last two Fridays. On the 18th I apparently turned up at hers, after a night out, after apparently cock blocking by  one of her freshers by asking him to take me to hers because I didn’t know how to get there (it’s two minutes away, and I have no recollection of this) and decided I was spending the night at hers because apparently I didn’t know how to get back to mine. Then last night, she came and met me from the union after calling her because I was really upset, and again let me share her bed. If that’s not a true friend, then I don’t know what is.

2) She always makes me laugh.

Whether it’s admitting that she doesn’t remember pre drinks anymore, nevermind her nights out to making me posters, she is one of those people who gives me one of the biggest laughs. Laughter is so important in a friendship, and she’s provided so much of it during our 18 months of knowing each other that it’s unreal.

3) She tolerates my mischievous side. 

My sense of humour can be quite naughty at times, and I’ve lost count of the times that I’ve walked up to a barman and told them that Jodie thinks there really hot which results in them asking her if it’s true and her looking horrified. There are also the times when I’ve brought up her dark secrets during ”I have never” which she’s took in good grace.

4) She gives empowering speeches.

Earlier this week Jodie gave me one of the most empowering speeches of my entire life; unfortunately we’d had a couple of drinks so neither of us can remember what she said, but I remember thinking that she was my Martin Luther King and this was her ”I have a dream” speech. If Jodie ever wants to start a civil rights movement then she will definitely be successful.

5) She has awesome music taste

I’m not talking about her obscure fetishes, but her love for singing along to divas such as Mariah and Whitney, we’ve actually walked to a shop singing along to a Mariah Carey number before. Not only that, but she reignited my passion for Ginuwine’s ”Pony” and has made it so I can never listen to Halls and Oate’s ”You Make My Dreams Come True” without smiling. If you ever wonder why there’s some amazingly cheesy music on my itunes, blame her!


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