Dear 2013, please give Ke$ha a break.

Recently, I’ve been reading a lot of articles about Ke$ha, you know, the girl who’s usually covered in glitter and singing about parties. Overall, apart from liking a few of her songs,I’m pretty indifferent when it comes to Ke$ha. However, in almost every article I have read about her people have been leaving nasty comments saying she’s “trash” and “she always looks like she needs a good wash”.

However, the most insulting things I have ever read about Ke$ha go back to April 2011 when she dared wear a bikini even though she doesn’t have the ”perfect” figure. Now I won’t lie, when I saw the picture of her in the bikini I was a little stunned, because I always imagined her to have a perfect, athletic figure, but in reality she looked very human. However, due to a very unforgiving bikini which did nothing for her, the keyboard warriors descended saying (in regards to her age)”24? more like 42”, that someone had ”stole her bum” and she looked ”shocking”. In fact if you google ”Ke$ha bikini” one of the things that come up in the auto box is ”Ke$ha bikni gross”.

Wearing a bikini is a reason to burn people at stake these days.

Wearing a bikini is a reason to burn people at stake these days.

The first thing I thought was “I’d like to see what all these keyboard warriors have got that she hasn’t”, and the second thing I thought was that it’s ironic that we always complain about how the media thrusts impossible standards of beauty upon us, but when a pop star with a less than perfect singer decides to wear a bikini she’s practically burned at stake. Ok, so Ke$ha may not have a perfectly defined waist but she’s a healthy weight; has decent legs and boobs, so why all the hate? It’s not like she chose her body shape to spite people, and it’s not even like she’s the only girl in the world who has an apple shaped body!

This witch hunt was still going on late last year when people were insulting her for wearing a leotard because she has ”the body of a Grandmother”. The poor girl was performing, and I think it’s ridiculous that more people were concerned with insulting her appearance than judging her performance which is what she should be being judged on. We constantly complain about singers who go on stage half naked and can’t hold a note, but then spend time insulting the ones who can sing (Ke$ha is by no means Beyonce, but if you listen to her acoustics you’ll discover she can actually sing) on their physical appearance.The hypocrisy is amazing.

I’m not a huge fan of Ke$ha, but I do have an element of respect for her because she does write her own songs etc, and she took a bit of time out in between albums to go travel so it’s not like she’s overexposed like some singers (We all know who I mean). Also, someone told me that she’s a parody artist which amuses me no end, and makes me think she’s a lot smarter than her music would have you believe. In fact, the only time I can say Ke$ha has really deserved some flak is when she tweeted that picture of herself weeing on a pavement in broad daylight, which was beyond grim.

I’m not under the illusion that Ke$ha is a fantastic role model, but when you have the likes of Kim Kardashian (don’t worry, I’ll be posting about her soon) plastered all over every single newspaper and website for doing nothing more than releasing a sex tape, broadcasting all of her vapid life on television and getting pregnant by Kanye West when she’s still married to another man, then Ke$ha seems like the lesser of many evils. After all, all she does is sing about parties and having a youthful approach to life, is that really so terrible?

No, she’s not the best role model, but how many people in the media these days are? She writes her own music, she’s not constantly in our faces trying to be a gangster and she can actually sing (you have to dig around for some good acoustics, but they’re worth listening to), so just let her go on her merry way singing about parties and brushing her teeth with a bottle of Jack.


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