Wanted: A personal cheerleader.

2012 saw me evolve into something of a cheerleader, and by cheerleader I mean a cheerleader of life rather than a cheerleader for some random sports team. Originally, I was a cheerleader for myself. Whenever I was having a bad day I’d be reminding myself that just like Sheffield Wednesday, I was simply having a bad run and that it would soon pass. This worked, and gradually my gung ho attitude saw me becoming a cheerleader for a lot of other people.

In my personal life, I became a cheerleader for friends. For example, if someone was going through a break up I’d walk to their house and play (and lose) board games. If they were having a rough time or were having a revision stress then I’d appear with cheesecake or some other sweet treat and a motivational speech. Of course, this isn’t that commendable since it’s mandatory that you should care about your friends.

However, my cheerleading skills really shone during the latter half of this year when I found myself on two committees and a features editor. Suddenly, I was Loughborough University’s biggest cheerleader for the Societies Fedaration from writing the newsletter to bouncing around the freshers bazaar attempting to learn how to breakdance and having far too much fun hula hooping. Then being on committee for my society meant being a big ball of enthusiasm at every lesson even when there were days I really didn’t feel like showing my face. However, becoming the features editor of The Epinal earlier this year meant that most of my cheerleading duties were directed there: from sharing every link possible to helping people with their work, it’s a job that I absolutely love doing and it’s my favourite out of the three.

However, there comes a time when you begin to feel a bit cheerleaded out, and currently I’m looking for someone to be MY cheerleader. Of course, just like a good grade or a perfect outfit, nobody is entitled to have someone who’s a source of motivation and inspiration, but for the times I’m feeling a bit worn out and overloaded (which occur a bit too frequently lately) it would be nice for someone to bring out their pom poms and give me a a bit of a song and dance and remind me life isn’t all that bad. I feel like I’m getting to the point where after supporting so many things and people that I’m forgetting to cheer myself on, and whilst I seem to juggle everything quite well, there are days when I’d like it if someone simply asked how I was doing. We’re re all guilty of becoming so wrapped up in something whether it’s our education, relationship or social life that we simply forget that people close and not so close might be struggling a little bit.

Perhaps what I’m trying to say is that all of us should make an effort to be a cheerleader of life. I’m not saying you should be running around making a song and dance about everything, it’s much more simple like asking someone how they are doing and not one of those superficial ”How are you?” questions (Everyone replies with the equally superficial ”I’m good”) but a more sincere ”How’s life treating you?” question, or knocking on your house/flatmates door and seeing how they are doing. It’s about making the effort with people and not forgetting them. It’s so easy to get wrapped up in your own life, but I think we’d all benefit from being someone’s cheerleader from time to time. Apologies if this came across a bit preachy, but it’s something I’ve been wanting to talk about for a while and it’s something that’s very relevant to my life right now.


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