Tis the season of family, being Bridget Jones and excessive eating.

Me on Christmas day, reindeer pajamas included.

I was talking to my Mum on the phone last night about Christmas, and I realised that I could be spending Christmas Day alone. Now before you all start feeling sorry for me, or assuming it’ll be me, the television and a Marks and Spencer’s dinner for one, let me explain.

I don’t have a particularly large family; my Dad is originally from Zambia and he’s the only person from his side of the family in England. On my Mum’s side I have my Grandma, Grandad and an Aunt and Uncle who sadly passed away a few years back, and they live in Leeds, so in Sheffield I just have My Mum, sister and Dad who are blood relations. Unfortunately, my Mum will be working on Christmas day (the joys of working for the council), and I usually see my Dad on Christmas eve, so that just leaves me and my sister who will most likely sleep in till quite late.

Traditionally, my Grandma and Grandad would come to Sheffield for Christmas day, but sadly my Grandad is quite ill and has been in hospital for a few months now, and my Grandma will be spending the day with him in hospial, accompanied by my Aunt and her husband. Basically, this Christmas will be quite a sober affair for me in which I’ll be very Bridget Jones esq and curl up on the sofa watching bad television with my two cats. I may even reenact the scene where she sings ”All by myself”, depending how tragic things get.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that to those of you who have big families and have a lot of visitors of the festive season: please don’t bitch. I know arguments can occur and it can be very hectic, but coming from someone who comes from a relatively small family (excluding the family in Zambia: I have a village worth there) you really don’t know how lucky you are! Christmas is the one time of year where you can all get together, watch films, get presents and stuff yourselves till you look like you are six months pregnant.

So when you’re sat there ready to commit suicide, just think about the people alone on Christmas day and get into the family festive spirit. Oh, and don’t worry about me; me and my sister will probably ruin the Turkey so much that even the cats will be like ”Mmmm, I’m stuffed, no thanks”.


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