Can we cancel the X factor yet?

I used to watch the X factor back when Sharon was a judge and before Louis lost his mind and started putting the joke acts through (although I was a fan of Jedward). However, I haven’t watched it for a long time because 1) I stopped watching so much television and 2) It became more of a circus than a tv programme.

I read recently that Simon is thinking of bring back the original line-up: him, Sharon and Louis, which says to me that The X factor is dead if you go through all these different judges just to bring back the original ones. Thanks to Twitter and Facebook my newsfeed blows up slightly whenever The X factor is on and it’s pretty much the same thing every week ”OMG! The X factor is a fix! I’m never watching it again!”, only for me to read the same thing again next week. Some people still haven’t realised that they’re watching the same thing every year with different contestants, most of whom will fade into obscurity within six months.

Perhaps my biggest gripe with The X Factor is that it claims to be reality tv but in actual reality it’s more scripted than Coronation Street. This extends to my disillusionment with television in general, all these ”Jersey Shore” and ”The Only Way is Essex” programmes are advertised as reality but they’re not and what makes it even worse is that they’re not even groundbreaking programmes, just a load of people looking for fifteen minutes of fame by causing drama.

I appreciate that some people enjoy these programmes but there’s just so many of them and they are producing a load of Z list celebrities who spend most of their time being interviewed by Closer about their new relationship or how they shred that last seven pounds of baby weight (Kerry Katona, I’m looking at you). It’s creating this idea that you can be famous for nothing, and that’s not a good thing, our whole perception of talented people who deserve to be famous is dangerous enough in how we (including myself) put them on a pedestal. I guess what I’m trying to say is I’d reality tv to go away for a while so our magazines and tv programmes are not clogged with any more z listers and we can rediscover our love of BBC dramas which has what reality tv does not: a great script and great acting.


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