Using vouchers on a first date is fine.

I read an article today which found that 12% of people wouldn’t give someone a second date if they used a voucher on a first date, and 1% would actually walk out! Thankfully, the rest seemed to have some sense but I still think it’s pretty shocking that someone wouldn’t go on a second date with a person just because they used a voucher on the first. Of course, some people will be thinking ”You would say that, you’re Northern AND a student, vouchers are your best friend”, and you’re damn right, I feel no shame whatsoever using vouchers, and I’d applaud anyone for doing so, because quite frankly we’re living in a tough economic climate and if someone is attempting to save a little cash here and there then good for them!

However, what I find most unsavory is that it’s likely that quite a few of the people who would refuse someone a second date for using a voucher will be female, because although we live in a world where women claim to be strong and independent, some girls still expect a male to pay for everything on dates. One of my friends once told me of a girl who went on a date with a mutual friend and spent a lot of the time asking If he was going to buy her another drink! I hate it when girls do this, I really do.

If a male offers to buy you a drink then fair enough, but I’d only accept if I knew them and even then I would feel a bit uncomfortable. I would certainly never demand that I be bought a drink because A) I’m not a beg, and B) I have my own money. Even if a girl is on a date, I hold the view that bills should be split in two in the initial stages and if someone brings along a voucher then it means you’re both paying less. If someone is paying for BOTH of you then why does it matter if they pay with a voucher or not? It’s not like you’re paying for it, and in this economic climate it’s perfectly understandable if they want to save a bit of money, especially if you’re just going to ditch them over such a superficial thing.


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