Should page 3 be removed from national newspapers?

No nipples allowed on this blog, sorry guys.

About a month or so ago the old ”Should page three be removed from national newspapers?” debate came up again, and after looking at both sides of the argument I’ve gone from being pro page three to anti. Initially, the liberal side of me thought ”Who cares!? If a girl wants to take her top off and get paid for the privilege then let her!”. However, after reading some of the points presented by the anti page three brigade I found myself leaning towards being anti page three.

The petition to remove page three is based on more than the idea that it objectifies women, which let’s face it, there are far worse examples of that in our society. There are other reasons, for example, it’s perfectly fine for a girl with her boobs out in a national publication, but people still get offended when a woman breastfeeds in public, which is the primary purpose of boobs! It’s impossible to justify page three when mothers in this country are still forced to breastfeed their babies in private as if it’s a disgusting act when it’s one of the most natural things in the world. I have no problem with someone breastfeeding their baby in public, and to anyone that does just look away! You can’t say it’s wrong for a woman have her breasts out when she’s feeding her child when certain pop stars who are role models for millions of young girls have music videos that are basically soft porn with catchy music in the background.

Also, why exactly do we need topless girls in a newspaper? The most offensive thing about it is how outdated the whole thing is! There are top shelf magazines that cater for that need and you only have to type a few words in google to get an abundance of websites dedicated to girls not just topless, but actually having sex! :O Whenever I think of page three these days, I always imagine it to be quite juvenile. I usually envision the people working for the tabloids giggling like naughty school children because they’ve seen a a pair of breasts.

Ultimately, I’ve tentatively boarded the anti page three bandwagon, but I feel like something of a fraud as I still believe in Glamour modelling and porn which will enrage some of the people against page three. However, the fact of the matter remains, it’s because of porn, lads mags and topshelf magazines that page three should take a bow and accept that it no longer serves a purpose in our society: newspapers are there to deliver news not semi erotic photos.


9 thoughts on “Should page 3 be removed from national newspapers?

  1. do newpapers really report the news though??? not really. And the feminist choice, even that to be a ‘pop star’ gyrateing on MTV videos is a choice she is free to make…simular to that of the page 3 modal. Perhaps if the page 3 modal was a man and female popstars weren’t always forced into female attire by their male dominated managment, we wouldn’t care so much about the page 3 debate. If we actually had some real equality and starting putting women on CEO boards we would see less of the masoginistic desions that got page 3 in the sun newspaper in the first place.
    But then again Rupert Murdoch isn’t known for best practice or high ethical standards lol.

    I very much like the debate you make though:)

    • I see your point, but I the issue for me is that newspapers are supposed to be documenting news. I mean you can have the death of someone on the front page, and then on page three you have some topless girl. Music videos are another issue, but for me it’s not so much them being a bad role model for girls as that it makes a mockery of women and the news.

      • Unfortuantly the growing sensationalism of Newspapers is something that just can’t be avoided now, even broudsheets are being infected.
        You might like to read my post ‘ News Today Corp’ that I wrote in July, it borders the radiculousness that there is no news in the news anymore.

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