What type of clubber are you?

Freshers is in full flow! But have you ever wondered what type of clubber you are? Take this quiz and find out!

What do you usually wear on a night out?

A) Something smart but comfortable enough for you to pop some interesting dance moves
B) Males: Baggy jeans so girls can comfortable slip their hand down, Females: Something skin tight so you have all the goods on show
C) Males: Smart jeans and a top, Females: You follow the boobs or legs rule, so a low cut top with a mid length skirt or a short skirt/shorts with a medium cut top.
D) Something you won’t miss when you inevitably throw up on it
E) Something that sends the message that you don’t want to be groped or man handled in anyway.

During pre drinks, you’re most likely to be….,

A) Making sure everyone is playing a drinking game that provides lots of banter!
B) Eyeing up anyone who looks like they’ll be drunk enough to accept your advances later in the night
C) Arguing over the rules of ring of fire
D) You’re usually wasted by pre drinks so you don’t remember anything
E) Clutching a glass of water

Your favourite room in a club is….

A) The room where they play chart music as that’s where the most banterous things happen!
B) The RnB room where you can grind.
C) You like to alternate between rooms
D) You don’t know any of the rooms or the music they play, you could be in a silent disco you’re that drunk.
E) The one with the least drunk people, so none of them

On the dancefloor, you’re most likely to be..

A) Pulling some outrageous dance moves for the BANTER
B) Male: Grinding up behind random girls, occasionally trying to cop a feel, Female: Grinding a guy and occasionally bending over in front of him
C) Male: On the edge with your friends watching the grindy girl bend over, Female: Dancing in a circle with your friends whilst trying to ignore the grindy guy
D: Male: You never make it onto the dancefloor as the bouncers have usually kicked you out, Female: You never make it onto the dancefloor as you’re usually being taken home in an ambulance
E) You don’t make it onto the dancefloor, you’re usually in a taxi home so you can be in bed by 12.

On a night out, you’re friends will say you’re most likely to be found…

A) Male: Doing something banterous like mooning the bouncers, Female: Downing a drink
B) Male: Getting a drink thrown in your face, Female: taking someone home
C) Dancing with them
D) They don’t know. It’s like you go into witness protection on nights out as you’re never seen.
E) Back home in bed by 12.

You usually get home by….

A) Walking home with your friends, usually stopping off for a kebab on the way.
B) Walking home alone, texting all the girls you know asking if they want some 3:00am fun, Female: Walking home with whoever you’ve pulled
C) With your friends, talking about the night
D) Male: Walking home the next morning minus your shoes after waking up in a bush, Female: someone giving you a fireman’s lift up the stairs
E) A taxi earlier on in the night

When you wake up…

A) You log onto facebook to post a hungover status and to publicly embarrass your friends
B) Male: you’re gutted you didn’t pull, Female: you try and get the guy out of your room quietly
C) you stay in bed for the day texting your friends and getting tagged in photos on facebook
D) Male: Check to see if you haven’t been mugged, Female: Put your vomit stained dress in the washer.
E) Make breakfast and set about having a productive


Mostly As
You’re the ”Lad” or ”Ladette”. You love a night out as it provides you with lots of banter to attack people with. You occasionally get into trouble but that never deters you from being naughty on your next night out.

Mostly Bs
You’re the sexual predator, and if you’re a male an unsuccessful one. Remember, to pull you don’t have to be grinding people and when girls move away it’s because they think you’re creepy. If you’re female then you’re guaranteed to be successful as you have a vagina, but just remember to practise safe sex!

Mostly Cs

You’re the ordinary clubebr: You like going out, but you aren’t particularly wild. Occasionally, you pull or embarrass yourself but on the whole you’re just a fun person to go out with.

Mostly Ds

You’re the mess: the person people fear going out with as you go hard whenever you drink. You rarely remember nights and it’s likely you’ve been banned from various clubs. Remember, nights out don’t always have to end up with you in a complete state.

Mostly Es
You most likely don’t drink and hate clubs and what happens in them. There’s nothing wrong with being teetotal but make sure you arrange sober events with your friends who do drink!


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