Beginning of term resolutions we all need to make.

It’s September, and not only do we have to wake Green Day up at the end of it, but we also have the new academic year to prepare for. My first year of university involved a lot of going out, and I was even called a ”machine” by someone due to my dedication to partying but I think the term ”disgusting” was more appropriate. However, I am now a second year, and now my degree actually counts, so I’ve decided to start taking my life a little more seriously and made some beginning of term resolutions that I’m sure a lot of us have made. Whether we (I) stick to them remains to be seen:

1) I will go out less.

This will be me during second year,

I think it’s forgiven that I went out a lot during my first year, after all it didn’t count and with only eight hours a week it would have been a crime not to, but Second year DOES count and going to lectures still reeling from the night before is not going to help me in anyway. Also, at some point over the summer I aged dramatically because my hangovers are now day long affairs (I’ve uttered the words ”I’m still hungover” at eleven o clock the following night), whereas before they were beaten off with copious amounts of water and some scrambled eggs in time for me to prepare for the next night out (told you I was disgusting).

The sad fact is, my body has sensed I need to be on the ball this year and has decided to help me out by making sure everytime I go out that I am punished with a hangover that makes me feel like I’m in orbit. Not only THAT but over the summer I developed a preference for reading literature in an armchair with a BBC drama on in the background over going out clubbing. It’s safe to say my body doesn’t trust me to stick to my word and is helping me save myself by making me a ninety year old in a teen’s body.

2) I will not put off tomorrow what can be done today

My summer reading.

Procrastination is like that naughty friend tempting you to go out when you should do work, but instead of a night of clubbing they tempt you to tidy your room go to the shop to pick up a non essential item. I was a repeat offender when it came to pointless trips to the shop or library just to avoid work, and one of my friends managed to avoid work by having a five hour nap through the day, waking up in time for dinner.Even the library isn’t a safe place. Whenever I went to work their I always found myself making my way onto youtube because catching up with my favourite vloggers was much more important than beginning my coursework.

This year will see me change my ways though, I will be a machine when it comes to my work and the fact I’m annihilating my summer reading (I think I’ve read more books this summer than I did through my entire first year, again disgusting.) is a good sign that I’ll stick to my word. However, choosing to do reading over partying with the freshlings is something I still have to face.

3) I will make more effort to stay in contact with people.

This is how in contact I plan on being.

I may be alone with this one, as I’m a terrible person but if I’m not in the same town as someone I just go off the radar. I don’t mean to lose contact with people, but I’m easily distracted and thus I find myself texting people back hours later or forgetting altogether. When I was in Edinburgh I’m pretty sure my Mum only got five texts throughout the entire month, and one of those had two words in it ”Still alive! x”. This year I’m going to keep in contact with everybody and I have no excuse not to since I have unlimited texts!

4) I will pay more attention during lectures.

How I passed my first year, I’ll never know.

To be perfectly honest, this will be much easier since I’m cutting down on my nights out. However, even when I hadn’t been out the night before, when I was sat next to certain people in lectures I reverted back to my secondary school…and erm, college days of defacing my friend’s work. Seeing who can draw the biggest penis on your friend’s lecture handout is hilarious when it’s 10:00 am but unfortunately, it doesn’t help me when tackling critical theory or poetry. Luckily, certain people aren’t doing the same modules as me next year so my lecture handouts will be safe from penis’ and since I’ll be hangover free I shall be sat in the front row paying rapt attention.

5) I will take part in more sober activities.

Proof I can still have fun when sober.

With Loughborough being a small town, drinking often feels like the only form of activity; one of my friends said to me once ”The only thing to do is drink!”. Luckily, after doing some research over the summer, I found that this was not only untrue but I’d missed out on quite a bit! Of course, there are societies, and I’m very tempted to join the Harry Potter society ( my letter for Hogwarts is lost in the post somewhere) but at the town hall there is also comedy nights, WHY WAS I NOT TOLD ABOUT THIS!? I’m not saying I’ll be tee total this year, but I definitely need to indulge in more activities that don’t make me wake up cursing sunlight the next morning.

6) Cause more mischief.

What should of happened to me and my friend.

Me and my friend once swore to do some nights out sober, and to make the night more interesting we’d set each other challenges. Well this failed, and it ended up with us doing the challenges whilst drinking and such antics included harassing bouncers such as singing to them or telling them they were good looking. One episode involved me telling my friend to tell a bouncer she thought he was hot which ended up with her saying ”My friend thinks you’re really hot!” and pointing at an oblivious me laughing at them and looking slightly creepy. Another involved my friend squeezing a bouncer’s bum and as he turned around staring at him whilst drinking from her cup and looking very sinister. Such antics would never have occurred if we were sober, and we should have been kicked out (there’s no way a male would have got away with it) but as embarrassing as such stories are, they are also a reminder of how important to keep our inner child alive. I’ll probably be avoiding bouncers, but I definitely intend to keep my mischievous side alive to cope with the dreaded ”Oh God, it COUNTS!!” year coming.

7) I will enjoy it.

After all, you’re only at uni once.

Obviously, it’s important to step up academically because nobody can party like a fresher for three years straight and come out with a decent grade, (Well, some people can and these are the people I secretly hate) but that doesn’t mean the fun will stop! With friendships intact and being on two committees and the prospect of joining two more societies in October, second year looks like it is going to be a ball! I was thinking recently, that there is no way I will top my first year in terms of craziness and the incredible stories, but I’m praying that this is a case of famous last words.


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