Remind me what I’ve done, and where I’ve been.


The original biscuiteers.


After a month and nine hours of travelling, I’m finally back home from Edinburgh! I learnt a LOT, and not just in terms of writing, but about how the world of journalism works and how to take criticism. The last one in particular has been of vital importance as it’s one thing knowing some people won’t like what you write but being made aware of it is completely different! I appreciated all the criticism though because you’re never going to improve if all you get is praise.

Writing from a critical point of view was something I’d only ever dabbled in, and something I hadn’t done for a while so it took a couple of weeks to get the hang of things. In terms of the work I produced the pieces I’m most proud of are and These are the pieces that took me the longest to write and the subjects of the articles seemed very happy with the final product!

In terms of writing, I intend to take a break from it for a few weeks and start preparing for university. When I start blogging again I intend to keep the light hearted posts, but I’m going to add reviews and less humorous posts on here because I really don’t want to be a one trick pony! However, I won’t link them into my social networking sites as I’m horribly aware I’ve probably been filling up people’s newsfeeds with links in the past month.

For now though, I’m going to have some down time getting over the post Fringe Blues and missing my biscuiteers and the whole Edinburgh experience. I’m hoping to be back there next year writing for a different publication, but obviously, things may or may not happen that way, but I guess the excitement comes from not knowing!


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