My first year (Last post before my hiatus)

I look so innocent!

The past nine months have been a blur of alcohol, fancy dress, cooking mishaps, laughter, morning ”debriefs” of the night before, dancing outrageously, being locked away in my room frantically bashing out essays, new friends, old friends, lessons learned and not necessarily of the academic kind, Amsterdam, all nighters, piercings, tattoos, tears, meeting the devil himself, tantrums, days spent in bed watching films, blogging, pre drinks, sharks, punch, writing, realising who I am and realising who I’m not. I entered William Morris teary because my Mum cried as she left me, and I’m leaving it teary because so much has happened here, good, bad and the downright outrageous!

It’s pointless being nostalgic though because I have an exciting summer: I get to see much missed family, friends and pets and then I’m up and down the country before making my return to the bubble, where I’ll see old friends and hopefully meet new ones. Part of me wishes I could be a fresher forever, but I know I’m just closing one fantastic chapter and opening another exciting one! If you played any part in my fresher year, big or small then thank you! I have a feeling second year will be a good year for me as I’m much happier, focused and settled than I’ve been in a long tim

This will be my last post for a couple of weeks whilst I get myself sorted out back home and go off and write for a couple of other people and do some reading for university. ALSO I want time think about new things I want to write about and toy with the idea of doing video logs, so thank you to everyone who has read my blog, whether you’re an avid reader, an occasional reader or just clicked on one post laughed and thought ”bitch, please!” and clicked off. After only three months, I’ve accumulated just under 2000 views so many thanks lovers and unlovers! 😀


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