Soapbox second: Sex Robots (Last sex related post for a while)

Due to public i.e my friend’s demand, I’ll be moving away from sex/relationship topics for a while, so enjoy this last one!


Basically, I remembered an article I read a month or so back about sex robots and how they will most likely around and being used by 2050, and I’d like to echo a few of the points made in the article I read, and a few things I thought about.

One of the benefits of using sex robots is that it will help stop the spreading of sexually transmitted diseases and help reduce sex trafficking. Instead of human prostitutes, there will be robots. and in theory, this sounds like a perfectly good and logical way to make sex and ultimately people safe.

However, what about the dark side that will undoubtedly emerge from such products? For example, paedophiles will be able to live out their fantasies by having sex with robot children, and this is more than likely to happen because let’s face it, there will be someone out there willing to build child robots for the right price. Also, what about people who dream of committing rape? If they’re only having sex with a machine, then they’ll be able to act our their desire as brutally as they like with no repercussions. Technically, none of this would be illegal, but does it make it any less sinister? These dolls are likely to look and sound as close to humans as possible, wouldn’t your perception of someone change if you knew they had sex with child robots?

Also, I think the idea of sex robots shows how much society is forgetting about the emotional aspect of sex. Look at things like porn, it promotes the idea that sex is simply about physical gratification by showing that women enjoy sex. In the Western world casual sex is pretty much accepted, and as long as you’re being safe then it is fine, but with things like one night stands  I always wonder how fulfilling they actually are. Sure, there’s lust, you’re physically attracted to them, but is it as fulfilling as knowing you actually like the person you’re having sex with? I can’t help but feel that sex robots are a testament to the fact that society is little by little forgetting about the emotional  aspect. Saying that though, sex robots would allow people to have sleep with people such as exes again. Remember that person who broke your heart beyond belief, well sex robots would allow you sleep with them all over again. If it’s a healthy is another matter all together…..

Yes, sex with robots may have some advantages in terms of trafficking and sexual health, but it’s simply removing the responsibility from people to choose the morally right option. Our society is already dependent on technology, and I think it would be nice if perhaps some things stayed sacred.


2 thoughts on “Soapbox second: Sex Robots (Last sex related post for a while)

  1. Very good read, It’s also possible that it could lead to robots simply taking over “sex for pleasure” as they would be engineered to provide the ultimate sexual experience, and with the correct amount of product development, probably out perform both male and females in the bedroom, leaving actual sex as just a method for creating children…

    Worrying stuff 😛

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